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  • What’s been happening lately? (Part 3–Final One)

    Posted on by rob

    Ok, the final instalment of what the hell I’m doing these days Smile

    In this episode we have day trips to London and a model shoot

    Also during the this month I launched a new “website” for my photo portfolio.  The URL is:  LetMeShoot.It and is currently hosted using my profile on 500px.com.  Please go and check out the photos I’m publishing on there.  You can click on Categories to see more groups of photos.

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  • Batten down the camera bags…

    Posted on by rob

    Well that’s what it felt like what we should have done.  It was a cold and blustery morning in the wilds of the Norfolk country side just outside of King’s Lynn on April 28th.  Thankfully the rain eased and stopped for the duration of the location photo shoot with Izzie (the model) and Tracey from Red Fish (the Organizer), we were out at Bawsey Ruins.

    The day started with a frantic series of phones with Tracey to confirm if I was still coming due to the weather, as the day started with rain and general ickiness.  The forecast suggested it would stop, but really, who can believe the Met Office in the UK.  So, many phone calls later including the final one while I was walking for my train ticket to King’s Lynn from Waterbeach.  Everyone coming on the day was in agreement that they would still turn up, so the mission was a go (if you didn’t get the pun of “mission” then go back and read up on what Bawsey Ruins is … I’ll wait)

    Glad you made it back, hope you get the pun now Smile  Anyhow, moving on.  I was lucky to have had Tracey force coerce talk her husband into collecting me from the train station in King’s Lynn and get us out to the location, thanks again for that.   The rain had indeed stopped we were left with just a mild gale and some imported air that was fresh from somewhere above the 68th parallel … brrrr

    Ok, enough waffling, on to the rest of the story and the photos … Mmmmm waffles

    The model of the day was a wonderful young lass named Izzie along with 4 photographers, including myself.  The grounds of the ruins were small but as it was a church with out buildings it’s not surprising.  We did have to compete for space though with a flock of sheep that were grazing around the grounds.   There isn’t much of the church left, which is a real shame, but knowing how well constructed buildings of that time were made it must have take some real doing to pull it down.

    Despite the weather, Izzie was a real trouper and soldiered on through it  all.  I left the 2 hour session with just shy of 500 photos, after several runs through them I got that down to 207 that have been kept.

    Alright enough of that, on to the photos

    The first photo is clearly not that of a fresh faced model, but rather part of the ruins.  This is were the spire once stood and would feature heavily as the back drop for a lot of the photos on the day.

    This photo of Izzie on one of the gates into the pasture where the ruins are located is my personal favourite of the day.  It was so much nicer once transformed from colour to sepia and a few other minor tweaks

    More photos from the day



    (Other pics from this day, CLICK HERE)

    As with the previous location model shoot organized by Tracey from Red Fish, which tool place in King’s Lynn (Click to see the previous shoot), this was an excellent location and the model held up very well under the low level pressure we put her under, but more than anything, how well she tolerated the cold Smile  Thanks to both Izzie and Tracey for making it a great couple of hours!

    I’m looking forward t some future shoots with Tracey in the coming months.

    Keep watching my blog for more postings of photo events I’ll be attending.

  • Thanks for all the … Red Fish

    Posted on by rob

    20120414-D7K_3198_exportToday was an interesting day.  It started by getting up way too frigging early for some reason, just couldn’t sleep I suppose.  Just as well, I needed to get on the 0841 train from Waterbeach to King’s Lynn to join Tracey Robinson, from Red Fish photography, and one of her Models on Location Workshops.  I first heard about Tracey through a friend via FB.  Tracey runs these Models on Location Workshops in and around King’s Lynn, it’s the first time I’ve seen this sort of format.   The workshops run for 2 hours and vary in cost, but start around £20.  To quote a bit of her website:

    All Model Location Workshops are intensive two hour courses set at different locations around Kings Lynn in Norfolk. The Workshops will be held where there are great textured walls, arches, open land or beaches depending on which Workshop you choose to attend.

    These Workshops are aimed at anyone wanting to learn how to take a better portrait using a model and natural lighting on location or who just want to do something a little different within their photography hobby.


    Click to continue reading and see some photos from the day…

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  • Busy times …

    Posted on by rob

    The last couple weeks have been quite busy for me, on March 24th I flew off to New York City for nearly a week of working out of the NY office.  The trip started by getting collected at home around 7am for a Noon flight out of LHR.  I went for that flight as it would get me into JFK early enough to still get out around the city in the afternoon but yet not need me to get up stupid o’clock (like the previous trip over there). 

    On Sunday (25th) I walked to B&H to check out the shop and buy some photography equipment.  B&H is simply amazing.  The way they operate is how all big stores should operate if you ask me.  They had so many staff on hand it was crazy, but what makes that a good thing is that they all seemed to know what they were talking about, easy to find and talk to, and not pushy sales people like so many stores have.  I like that you get to touch and play with pretty much everything they sell.  I also love the fact that you can shop until your credit card drops but never have to carry anything around the store, everything makes it’s way to the front desk for you by way of series of conveyor belt/roller systems.  My experience at B&H on the Sunday was marred only by the fact I went on a Sunday.  The company is run by traditional Jews, as such it’s shut on Saturday’s so Sunday their big day.  The place was packed, totally heaving on Sunday.  I felt too intimidated by the new experience and their processes to even try and buy or look at anything haha

    Sunday afternoon I was booked to be an Observer with the FDNY EMS, Station 8 at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.  This was an 8 hr shift from 2pm – 10pm.  I was assigned to a BLS (Basic Life Support) Ambulance.  These units are manned by non-Paramedic staff.  The Paramedics operate the ALS (Advanced Life Support) units.  The crew I was with were great, friendly and professional folks.  As we were in a BLS unit we had mostly routine cases.  The day went smoothly and rather quickly, but it was still a good experience.  Many thanks to the folks at FDNY for letting me go out with them. (That’s not the Ambulance I was riding in, just one from the FDNY website)

    Monday through Wednesday really was just working in the office from 9am-6pm then out for dinner and drinks with the group after hours.  A couple of the dinners were “sponsored” by vendors so that was nice.  Good times.

    Wednesday night though I went back to B&H after work to get the bits I wanted to get on Sunday.  I’m glad I went back.  It was busy there but nothing like it was on Sunday.  So, what did I buy .. first thing was my Upgrade for Adobe Lightroom 4

    Then it was off to the Lens counter.  The thing I like about B&H is that you can try any lens you like on YOUR camera so you can really get a feel for it.  I never got the feeling of being rushed either while I played.  The lens I bought was the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G DX.  A nice fast lens but will take a bit to master it .. it’s pretty easy to get some funky shots from it (but not funky in a cool nifty way hah). 

    The final purchase was a new camera bag.  I went with the Tamrac Rally  4 Camera Bag.  It holds my Nikon D7000 with the 18-105mm lens attached plus room for both my 50mm and 35mm lenses plus a bunch of bits in the front pocket.  It also fits nicely in my regular laptop backpack too so that’s a bonus.

    I spent most of Thursday in the office before heading off to JFK to get the red eye back to Heathrow.

    Friday, I got home showered and sort of unpacked then headed into The Grafton Centre to snap some pics for the FAB (Fashion And Beauty) Weekend fashion show. Took a ton of photos then headed home before I fell down from exhaustion and go through the pics.  Saturday it was back to the shopping again for a second day of photos.  I was getting photos for a competition they were running.  The winning photo would be featured in a fashion magazine and receive a £50 gift voucher from the mall.  Sadly, I didn’t win, but sure was fun.

    You can see the gallery of my best images (well, what I consider to be my best ones) from the 2 days of shows, CLICK HERE.

    Here are a couple samples from the day, but check out the others.



    I’ve also uploaded a few to my portfolio over at 500px.com. Check out that site and like my photos (if you do) Smile

    Now we’ve got 2 short work weeks because of Good Friday and Easter Monday, so that’s nice.  I really should have booked a few days holiday while the kids are off.. still not too late I suppose, might have to book a day or 2 off next week.

    I’ve booked myself for a 2 hour Models Location Workshop run by Tracey Robinson over at Red Fish Photography.

    I’ll be sure to blog about that afterwards.