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What’s been happening lately? (Part 3–Final One)

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Ok, the final instalment of what the hell I’m doing these days Smile

In this episode we have day trips to London and a model shoot

Also during the this month I launched a new “website” for my photo portfolio.  The URL is:  LetMeShoot.It and is currently hosted using my profile on  Please go and check out the photos I’m publishing on there.  You can click on Categories to see more groups of photos.

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After Yuki and the kids went to China I decided to make my monthly pilgrimage to the London office on a Friday and stayed the night in the company flat near Old St. tube station.  I went for a wander around London to check out the sites before the Olympics engulfed the city.  The day started with a large coffee from Starbucks only 30 feet outside of the door to the flat, that’s some awesome planning!   A tube ride to London Bridge station and then down to the river and wandered up towards Westminster direction along the South side of the river.   Here’s the view from the middle of London Bridge looking towards Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge

Another view from down the river ..

St Paul's Cathedral

From the Tate ModernI even decided to finally take myself into the Tate Modern museum .. it was sort of interesting .. but I did managed to discover that I DON’T GET modern art, at all.  There were a few exhibits that were pretty cool.  One that I thought made a good photo was this one.

20120721-D7K_8535_exportAlso, along the river you can see this lovely old ship outside of the Old Thameside Inn.

All lined upAlso along the river I shot this, I think the lines are just very cool.



On another little outing I went to Hunstanton to try and catch the sunset from the cliffs .. here’s the better photo from the evening.


London (Again)

On another trip to London I went down to shoot photos with another photographer for a pre-wedding shoot.  I’m not permitted to show any of those photos, here are a couple I shot without the couple in the photos ..




This shoot was great fun with a lot of decent photos, how many will make the grade for the studio I have no idea.  I hope to hear something though at some point. 

Northampton & Salcey Forest

Finally, a fun shoot with the very lovely Akari Desire (that link is not NSFW) check out her more family friendly Facebook Profile .. We started the shoot off in Salcey Forest.  That was going well until the rain and lightning started on us.  She made a quick phone call and we had a studio we could use.   Here are a couple photos from the shoot, there are more on my portfolio site (see the links at the top of this page)




It’s been a very fun couple of months with lots of use and abuse of my camera, and I’m looking forward more months of shooting coming up.  I’ve got a fair bit of travel planned for the next couple months, some for pleasure and some for work.  Watch the blog for more updates, I hope I’ll be updating the blog more often, I know I take too long to update some times Smile

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