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CaseLogic Camera Bag

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The postman arrived and handed me what I’d been waiting for… my new CaseLogic Camera bag. It arrived not only just in time for a trip back to New York City but also for a studio night I was heading out to that night, that meant I could immediately try it out.  The first thing I did was go through it and find all the various pockets and check out the sizes to get an idea what I might shove in them.   There is no shortage of pockets that’s for sure.   There is one that’s pretty odd shaped and of limited use, however I did find a use for that one too.

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What’s been happening lately? (Part 3–Final One)

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Ok, the final instalment of what the hell I’m doing these days Smile

In this episode we have day trips to London and a model shoot

Also during the this month I launched a new “website” for my photo portfolio.  The URL is:  LetMeShoot.It and is currently hosted using my profile on  Please go and check out the photos I’m publishing on there.  You can click on Categories to see more groups of photos.

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