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Batten down the camera bags…

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Well that’s what it felt like what we should have done.  It was a cold and blustery morning in the wilds of the Norfolk country side just outside of King’s Lynn on April 28th.  Thankfully the rain eased and stopped for the duration of the location photo shoot with Izzie (the model) and Tracey from Red Fish (the Organizer), we were out at Bawsey Ruins.

The day started with a frantic series of phones with Tracey to confirm if I was still coming due to the weather, as the day started with rain and general ickiness.  The forecast suggested it would stop, but really, who can believe the Met Office in the UK.  So, many phone calls later including the final one while I was walking for my train ticket to King’s Lynn from Waterbeach.  Everyone coming on the day was in agreement that they would still turn up, so the mission was a go (if you didn’t get the pun of “mission” then go back and read up on what Bawsey Ruins is … I’ll wait)

Glad you made it back, hope you get the pun now Smile  Anyhow, moving on.  I was lucky to have had Tracey force coerce talk her husband into collecting me from the train station in King’s Lynn and get us out to the location, thanks again for that.   The rain had indeed stopped we were left with just a mild gale and some imported air that was fresh from somewhere above the 68th parallel … brrrr

Ok, enough waffling, on to the rest of the story and the photos … Mmmmm waffles

The model of the day was a wonderful young lass named Izzie along with 4 photographers, including myself.  The grounds of the ruins were small but as it was a church with out buildings it’s not surprising.  We did have to compete for space though with a flock of sheep that were grazing around the grounds.   There isn’t much of the church left, which is a real shame, but knowing how well constructed buildings of that time were made it must have take some real doing to pull it down.

Despite the weather, Izzie was a real trouper and soldiered on through it  all.  I left the 2 hour session with just shy of 500 photos, after several runs through them I got that down to 207 that have been kept.

Alright enough of that, on to the photos

The first photo is clearly not that of a fresh faced model, but rather part of the ruins.  This is were the spire once stood and would feature heavily as the back drop for a lot of the photos on the day.

This photo of Izzie on one of the gates into the pasture where the ruins are located is my personal favourite of the day.  It was so much nicer once transformed from colour to sepia and a few other minor tweaks

More photos from the day



(Other pics from this day, CLICK HERE)

As with the previous location model shoot organized by Tracey from Red Fish, which tool place in King’s Lynn (Click to see the previous shoot), this was an excellent location and the model held up very well under the low level pressure we put her under, but more than anything, how well she tolerated the cold Smile  Thanks to both Izzie and Tracey for making it a great couple of hours!

I’m looking forward t some future shoots with Tracey in the coming months.

Keep watching my blog for more postings of photo events I’ll be attending.