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  • Benvenuti in Italia

    Time for a new adventure… back late December I handed in my notice for a job I hated in a company I saw no future in and it came at what should have been a good time as we were planning to move house and the commute wouldn’t have been practical. Leaving the job was a good thing, despite the stress of “now what will I do?”, coupled with the stress of buying a new house and moving. The house purchase fell through due to the builders dicking us around to the point that we got tired of it and ran out of time ..

    I needed to find a new job, so I’d accepted a new contract role outside of the UK, as you might be able to tell from the title of this post (or if you follow me on the social media sites), I’ve now moved to Italy for the job. I will post more about what and for whom I’m working once I know the protocols (if any). Suffice to say, it should be a very good change with loads of future possibilities.

    Castello di Lerici
    Castello di Lerici

    So, where am I?  I’m living (or will be once I find a flat) in Lerici, Italy. You can read more about it by clicking on the link. I arrived here on Feb 15th with Yuki, she will be staying only a couple of weeks before going back to the UK, thanks to my mum for looking after the kids while we’re away. Hopefully in the next 2-3 days I’ll get a flat sorted out and with any luck I can move in next weekend when my airbnb runs out. We looked at number of flats on Saturday and 2 are candidates. One is in Lerici while the other is just up the road in San Terenzo. San Terenzo does have one advantage, it has the local beaches, so stroll down the road from the house and boom… well splash!

    Seville Oranges on the trees
    Seville Oranges on the trees

    The amount of adjustment this will require is something else, but so far, the experiences of the last few days here have been nothing but 100% positive!  Even shopping for groceries at the local Co-Op or other small shops, cafes etc, very positive and enough English to get by, I’l pick up the Italian language easily I think, doubt it’ll be to conversational levels but enough to get through life day to day. The basic phrases are pretty easy to pick up, and the locals seem to appreciate the attempt to use their language. I will try to learn as much as I can, it will only make living and working here that much easier. At least at the office everything is conducted in “English”, I put that in quotes because while the official language of the work place is English it is accomplished with a multitude of accents from all over the world (so I’m told). I find out on Monday when I start.

    I will be posting loads of pics no doubt, if you’re not ready go and follow me on Instagram!  Go on over and check out some of the pics. I will eventually put together some photo albums on Google Photos and they’ll be linked in future posts or through other social media links.

    Just a short blog post to give an update, hopefully I’ll find more to write about as time goes on down here in Italy. I hope to have many weekend adventures while here.

  • Wanted: Coffee Shop

    Roasted_coffee_beansI find it rather frustrating that there aren’t any good ole coffee shops anymore. Sure, you can go on down to a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee or some other big name coffee vending place but there’s zero atmosphere in these places. In most cases it’s nearly impossible to just sit and chat in these places because of the noise due to how busy they are.

    I remember some great coffee shops back in Canada and the US, the sort of places that comfy chairs and sofa’s with coffee tables, good cheap coffee and sort of atmosphere that allows friends to gather and chat.

    143-cappuccino-300x243Why am I righting about this?  Well, I went in to Cambridge today to meet up with a couple of friends, one of them picked an Italian Café called Café Milano, it’s more of a restaurant then a café but that was fine.  I was the first one there and asked about a table for 3 the bloke asked if we were planning to eat as he didn’t have tables available “just for coffee”.  Now, it was lunch time, but as a coffee shop it really struck me as odd that we wouldn’t be able to just sit and drink coffee.  As it was we’d decided to eat so all was “good” I guess.

    That was what got me thinking about why there aren’t any just good ole coffee shops.   I’m sure they must still exist, perhaps the people that know about them keep quiet out of fear of them becoming popular and getting over run, and I suppose I couldn’t blame them for it.

    cockeyed-coffeeI like the coffee shop in our village at the Cottenham Community Centre, they have a couple of comfy sofa’s which is nice, but they could do with a few more of them.  My only real complaint about the place though is because it’s an old Church, the very high ceilings do nothing for the noise levels in the place.  The coffee there is good and the nibbles are great, but the noise can really do your head in after a while.  They also have free WIFI, which I think these days is a bit of a must in coffee shops.

    Anyhow, just a small rant to ask where all the friendly little coffee shops have gone to Sad smile If you know of any and are willing to share, please let me know.

  • New Look to the site

    Posted on by rob

    I’ve decided to change the theme on the site.   The old one was OK but there was just something I didn’t like about it.  I’ll try out this new theme for a while and see how it goes.  The new theme is quite cool in that it allows a lot of tweaking through the admin pages.  One of the things it can do is rotate header images.  I need to find a number of pictures and resize them to fit the theme requirements so they will rotate through as the site reloads.


    Comments on the new look?

  • The hamster fell off it’s wheel…

    It was a bit of an exciting morning here today.  I’d planned to get up at 0620am… no problem, managed that fine.  Stepped into the shower and was enjoying that for about 2 mins, fully lathered up from head to toe and bang, out goes the power.  We have a power shower, which, as the name suggests requires power to operate.  When the power goes out, so doe the shower.  Bugger.. now what.  Right, off to the bath tub to get the soap and stuff off me, at least the water under mains pressure works.

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  • Emma’s got the Pox now..

    Posted on by rob

    Lisa’s case of Chicken Pox ended about 10 days after it first showed up, and about 5 days later Emma broke out in them.  Emma was quite upset the morning Lisa woke with her spots.  Emma wanted spots too! haha she was upset that Lisa had something she didn’t. 

    We kept telling Emma she’ll get spots too and she had keep looking for them and tell us as soon as she found her spots.  The day they came, she came running to tell us she’s finally got spots.  About 2 days later she stopped liking them 🙂

    Emma can’t quite say “chicken pox”, it comes out sounding more like “chin chin box”.

    All in all both of the kids have come through this pretty easy.  Lisa has only one spot that was on the verge of getting infected but I don’t think it really did.  It’s quite large and still visible, but it is going away slowly.   Emma so far only has one that looks like it’s going the same way as Lisa’s, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

    I’m glad both have gotten it now and it’ll be clear before they go back to school in early Sept.  It also means we won’t have to deal with this ever again.