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Benvenuti in Italia

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Time for a new adventure… back late December I handed in my notice for a job I hated in a company I saw no future in and it came at what should have been a good time as we were planning to move house and the commute wouldn’t have been practical. Leaving the job was a good thing, despite the stress of “now what will I do?”, coupled with the stress of buying a new house and moving. The house purchase fell through due to the builders dicking us around to the point that we got tired of it and ran out of time ..

I needed to find a new job, so I’d accepted a new contract role outside of the UK, as you might be able to tell from the title of this post (or if you follow me on the social media sites), I’ve now moved to Italy for the job. I will post more about what and for whom I’m working once I know the protocols (if any). Suffice to say, it should be a very good change with loads of future possibilities.

Castello di Lerici

Castello di Lerici

So, where am I?  I’m living (or will be once I find a flat) in Lerici, Italy. You can read more about it by clicking on the link. I arrived here on Feb 15th with Yuki, she will be staying only a couple of weeks before going back to the UK, thanks to my mum for looking after the kids while we’re away. Hopefully in the next 2-3 days I’ll get a flat sorted out and with any luck I can move in next weekend when my airbnb runs out. We looked at number of flats on Saturday and 2 are candidates. One is in Lerici while the other is just up the road in San Terenzo. San Terenzo does have one advantage, it has the local beaches, so stroll down the road from the house and boom… well splash!

Seville Oranges on the trees

Seville Oranges on the trees

The amount of adjustment this will require is something else, but so far, the experiences of the last few days here have been nothing but 100% positive!  Even shopping for groceries at the local Co-Op or other small shops, cafes etc, very positive and enough English to get by, I’l pick up the Italian language easily I think, doubt it’ll be to conversational levels but enough to get through life day to day. The basic phrases are pretty easy to pick up, and the locals seem to appreciate the attempt to use their language. I will try to learn as much as I can, it will only make living and working here that much easier. At least at the office everything is conducted in “English”, I put that in quotes because while the official language of the work place is English it is accomplished with a multitude of accents from all over the world (so I’m told). I find out on Monday when I start.

I will be posting loads of pics no doubt, if you’re not ready go and follow me on Instagram!  Go on over and check out some of the pics. I will eventually put together some photo albums on Google Photos and they’ll be linked in future posts or through other social media links.

Just a short blog post to give an update, hopefully I’ll find more to write about as time goes on down here in Italy. I hope to have many weekend adventures while here.

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