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Wanted: Coffee Shop

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Roasted_coffee_beansI find it rather frustrating that there aren’t any good ole coffee shops anymore. Sure, you can go on down to a Starbucks or a Costa Coffee or some other big name coffee vending place but there’s zero atmosphere in these places. In most cases it’s nearly impossible to just sit and chat in these places because of the noise due to how busy they are.

I remember some great coffee shops back in Canada and the US, the sort of places that comfy chairs and sofa’s with coffee tables, good cheap coffee and sort of atmosphere that allows friends to gather and chat.

143-cappuccino-300x243Why am I righting about this?  Well, I went in to Cambridge today to meet up with a couple of friends, one of them picked an Italian Café called Café Milano, it’s more of a restaurant then a café but that was fine.  I was the first one there and asked about a table for 3 the bloke asked if we were planning to eat as he didn’t have tables available “just for coffee”.  Now, it was lunch time, but as a coffee shop it really struck me as odd that we wouldn’t be able to just sit and drink coffee.  As it was we’d decided to eat so all was “good” I guess.

That was what got me thinking about why there aren’t any just good ole coffee shops.   I’m sure they must still exist, perhaps the people that know about them keep quiet out of fear of them becoming popular and getting over run, and I suppose I couldn’t blame them for it.

cockeyed-coffeeI like the coffee shop in our village at the Cottenham Community Centre, they have a couple of comfy sofa’s which is nice, but they could do with a few more of them.  My only real complaint about the place though is because it’s an old Church, the very high ceilings do nothing for the noise levels in the place.  The coffee there is good and the nibbles are great, but the noise can really do your head in after a while.  They also have free WIFI, which I think these days is a bit of a must in coffee shops.

Anyhow, just a small rant to ask where all the friendly little coffee shops have gone to Sad smile If you know of any and are willing to share, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Coffee Shop”

  1. Rob,

    We are working on teh noise level at the Cottenham Community Centre Coffee Shop. We have a grant application with the Big Lottery Fund to get and fit £5k worth of sound absorbing material which has been calculated to be what is required to really reduc e the noise level.


    1. That’s fantastic news .. looking forward to it. It really is the only complaint I have about the place. I love the fact that we have such a place in our village..

  2. If you move back to Canada, for about $500k you can get your own Tim Horton’s, if that makes you feel better 😉

    1. Sadly though, Tim Horton’s exacts too much control over how you run your stores .. it would have to be an independent coffee shop for sure.

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