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I’m still in Italy…

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 1 year since I came down to Italy. What a year it’s been too. There’s been good and bad, as one might expect.

On the good side, the job is great and folks I’m working with are pretty awesome too. Yuki and the kids have been down here a couple of times (Yuki far more). After our Scout trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland last summer, the family came down to spend all of August with me in Italy. One of the highlights was the week off to travel around Italy where we went to Verona (to see Juliet and Romeo’s houses), Venice (to see a lot of water, but most of all meet up with very long time friends from Alberta that I’d not seen in like 30 years or close to it), we also went to the Republic of San Marino and finally we visited Sienna. The girls also got to spend a fair bit of time at the beach in San Terenzo and ate load of Gelato which they loved.

A slide show of some pics from the summer…

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On the downside though I’ve also spent the majority of the time away from the kids so I’ve missed out on so much of what’s been happening with them and putting most of the burden on Yuki to look after them and run them around to all of their Scouting and School events and stuff.

So what will 2019 bring for us all? That’s a good question. My contract has been renewed which is great. I’ve been forced to give up on using the Umbrella company I had been using due to their incompetence and continued lack of communctions on important issues which in the end cost me money. I’ve had to form my own Limited company (again, which I’ve been resisting, but here we are), so here’s hoping all of this runs smoothly now.

My biggest concern for 2019 is the state of brexit in the UK. At the time of this writing we’re only about 35 days away from the March 29th deadline. The results of the next 35 days could mean I get to continue working here in Italy or I’ll have to pack up and go back to the UK due to no rights to work here any longer. Only time will tell and right now it’s not looking good. I hope the outlook will improve.

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