• MTFU Colchester Camp

    This was a great camp on April 17-19. I arrived just about 11am with Barry. There were a lot more then I’d expected to be there so early but it was a good thing, we had a hell of a mess to clean up in the woods.

    The event was held in Pitchbury Woods just outside of Colchester down in Essex. You can read about some of the history of wood here http://j.mp/pitchburyramparts.

    There were a lot of people over the weekend with a lot of day trippers out on the Saturday to have some fun. A very good time was had by all. I didn’t do a lot of filming myself, quite a few kids about and I didn’t want to get them on film. Anyhow, enjoy what I did film.

  • Missing images …

    Posted on by rob

    Well, in hindsight, nuking my Flickr account had a big impact on the blog.  There are sooooo many broken posts now where images were linked to Flickr galleries.   Oh well, it’s not fixable at this point.  The images still all exist, just over at Google now.  Relinking them isn’t trivial at all.  I will slowly start to fix a few posts, but many have just too many pics to sort through and get right.

    I will try to go through some and add links to the Google Gallery so people can go browse the images that are mentioned in the posts though.

    A bit of a balls up really.  Oh well.  Such is life.