• Missing images …

    Well, in hindsight, nuking my Flickr account had a big impact on the blog.  There are sooooo many broken posts now where images were linked to Flickr galleries.   Oh well, it’s not fixable at this point.  The images still all exist, just over at Google now.  Relinking them isn’t trivial at all.  I will slowly start to fix a few posts, but many have just too many pics to sort through and get right.

    I will try to go through some and add links to the Google Gallery so people can go browse the images that are mentioned in the posts though.

    A bit of a balls up really.  Oh well.  Such is life.

  • Long time no post…

    Posted on by rob

    It seems that my blog has been suffering neglect for quite some time … my last post was June 2014 – WOW. I’ve pretty much moved away from blogging to social networks and producing a bunch of videos on Youtube of things I’ve been up to.

    My videos can be here by CLICKING HERE.  Lots of outdoor stuff and more recently sewing videos for gear I’m learning to make.   A couple of the most recent videos.  Go and check out my channel, don’t forget to subscribe to find out when I post new videos.

    I hope I’ll be able to get more posts on here, however I find it much easier to communicate things going on via social media sites and better still through my YouTube videos, which I hope to get more and more videos up.  I just need some time to get out and do stuff LOL

    Anyhow, thanks for checking into the blog and I will try to keep updating it more than just once a year :(

  • Veho MUVI X-Lapse…

    Posted on by rob

    A few weeks back (well, quite a few if I’m honest), I was sent the MUVI X-Lapse by LOVECASES to review and put through it’s paces.  I was impressed by the size of it, however it’s small size does also have a downside…

    Read on to find out more …

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  • Jet-setting around in 2014

    Posted on by rob

    In the last couple of years the only real travelling has been for work.  Pretty much nothing for pleasure.  So far 2014 is starting to shape up into a great year for personal travel.  In March I’m heading to a new destination for me, Malta.  This was a completely off-the-cuff last minute idea.  I had a few days of carried over holiday from work that I needed to use by the end of March.  Initially I was looking at going somewhere different in the UK and considered the Shetland Islands, but after looking at the cost and the amount of time spent travelling, it just wasn’t going to be worth it for such a short trip, I only have 6 days.  Other things considered were the weather up there this time of year, it wouldn’t likely be awful but Malta certainly would have much better weather LOL

    So, off to the travel sites to look for a deal.  TripAdvisor.com has become my first port of call for travel info and reviews.  I’ve even contributed quite a bit to the site myself over the last couple of years.

    Later in the year I’m also booked for just over 2 weeks to go to China.  The itinerary for that hasn’t been completely fleshed out yet, but it will start in Shanghai where I’ll fly into.  The plan is to travel from Shanghai to Yantai.  Day trips to places like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, and whatever other places we can find on the way.  My plan is, if the weather isn’t too hot, is to take trains between Shanghai and Yantai.   Only time will tell if that happens.


    Last year was a busy travel year for work, lots of trips to the US offices.  So far there isn’t anything planned for work yet, but I’m sure there will be at least one trip to the US, possibly in May, but it’s only a possible date at this point.

    Oh well, just a short blog posting, it’s been quite some time since I posted anything.  I’ll certainly post more during my travels this year.  Watch this space for my updates from Malta.

  • RPI + RaspiCam = Time Lapse Photos

    Posted on by rob

    While chatting with a friend today about my new Venus Flytrap plant they asked to see it catch a fly .. well that’s kind hard to capture as it’s a lot of chance (unless you shove a fly into one of the traps).  So I got to thinking, I can use my Raspberry Pi and the RaspiCam to take time lapse photos using raspistill then stitch them all together into a video.

    Read on to find out how I made this happen …

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