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Finally quit Facebook

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I’ve finally done it and quit Facebook. It is sad how the platform is run and the reason I’ve finally quit is because I was given a 3 day ban for a comment that was not offensive to normal people, but quite appropriate in response to a link shared by a friend. It was unfair, unjustified and I was unable to fight the ban since Facebook provides zero way to contact an actual human.

I will miss the platform because of how easy it makes it to share photos and stories with friends and family, especially with my kids and keeping the family updated on what they’re getting up to these days.

I’m done with it. I will make Twitter my main social media as well as some others that I find useful. Sadly, 2 of those are also owned by Facebook, so how long I stay on those will really depend on what Facebook does with them and just how deeply integrated WhatsApp and Instagram become in the mothership.

You can find all my social media links on a page on this site dedicated to it, My Social Media Links.

Please go and check them out and hook up with me on those sites to keep in touch with me.