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  • 2016 in full swing already…

    Posted on by rob

    WOW, well 2016 is already starting to shape up as planned.  I’d said in a previous post that I wanted to do more outdoors things and more Bushcraft including courses.

    In December I’d booked a Primitive Technology – Flint Knapping (July 16, 2016) day course through Hands On Bushcraft.

    I’ve also now just booked to attend the Wild Game Butchery (May 7, 2016) course also run by Hands On Bushcraft.

    I’ve also got a ticket to go and see Ray Mears present Tales of Endurance.  He’s running these sessions all over the country, go and check out where the closest location is for you.  I’ll be attending the evening session in Cheltenham and really looking forward to it.

    In terms of planned camps, so far I’m planning to join the guys from South Wales Wild Camping group on Facebook at the end of Jan.  There are no dates yet but I certainly will be going to the Camp Shaky camp in the summer, and of course the Christmas camp later in the year too.   In the coming weeks I’ll also be booking to attend The Wilderness Gathering in August.  I’ve already got the days booked off from work for that so it’s a go for sure!  I hope to see loads of friends there this year.  We went last summer just for a day and had a good time, so it has to be done this year for the entire time from 18th-21st!

    There will certainly be many more weekend camps that will be planned this year too.  Certainly will bet back to Woodside near Winchester/Alton, haven’t been there for a while so need to get back with the South coast guys.   There will also be Scout camps as well throughout the year to look forward to.

    Keep an eye on this page for more updates …. thanks for stopping by for a read.

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    January 05, 2016 at 08:31PM

  • Lightweight Backpacking Stove

    Posted on by rob

    In the quest to cut the weight of my backpack load I’ve been looking at my cooking setup.  I have a number of nested pot sets that we use for camping and one that I bought for back packing, however as light as they are they are still bulky and rather heavy for what you are using them for.  Having done a lot of searching on the net for what has worked for others I came up the short list of things.

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  • Bannock Bread…

    Posted on by rob

    I decided to have a crack at making some Bannock Bread at home tonight.  It seems the time honoured thing to do when camping, so rather then risking a complete and total failure in a camp site (or wild camping) I figured I’d give it a go at home first.

    I started with THIS recipe, with a couple of modifications.  Firstly I cut everything half.  The thought of destroying that much raw ingredients didn’t sit well with me, plus it might well have required a super heavy duty rubbish bin liner to dispose of it, let alone whatever the damage to the environment it would do haha 🙂

    So, my mixture went like this:


    Plus I added some raisins to add to the sweetness and flavour.  The kids loved them, and I thought they were pretty good too.  Didn’t even bother with adding butter or anything to them, they were soft and moist enough without the butter.

    BTW, what’s in the photo is half of what was made..