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  • 2016 in full swing already…

    Posted on by rob

    WOW, well 2016 is already starting to shape up as planned.  I’d said in a previous post that I wanted to do more outdoors things and more Bushcraft including courses.

    In December I’d booked a Primitive Technology – Flint Knapping (July 16, 2016) day course through Hands On Bushcraft.

    I’ve also now just booked to attend the Wild Game Butchery (May 7, 2016) course also run by Hands On Bushcraft.

    I’ve also got a ticket to go and see Ray Mears present Tales of Endurance.  He’s running these sessions all over the country, go and check out where the closest location is for you.  I’ll be attending the evening session in Cheltenham and really looking forward to it.

    In terms of planned camps, so far I’m planning to join the guys from South Wales Wild Camping group on Facebook at the end of Jan.  There are no dates yet but I certainly will be going to the Camp Shaky camp in the summer, and of course the Christmas camp later in the year too.   In the coming weeks I’ll also be booking to attend The Wilderness Gathering in August.  I’ve already got the days booked off from work for that so it’s a go for sure!  I hope to see loads of friends there this year.  We went last summer just for a day and had a good time, so it has to be done this year for the entire time from 18th-21st!

    There will certainly be many more weekend camps that will be planned this year too.  Certainly will bet back to Woodside near Winchester/Alton, haven’t been there for a while so need to get back with the South coast guys.   There will also be Scout camps as well throughout the year to look forward to.

    Keep an eye on this page for more updates …. thanks for stopping by for a read.

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    January 05, 2016 at 08:31PM

  • New year, new changes.

    Posted on by rob

    Now before anyone thinks “Oh man, another one that’s making resolutions to do things they’ll never go through with”, let me say, I DO NOT make New Years resolutions.  Well, not since about 10-12 yrs ago when I made my last one which was to never make another one.  I’ve done very well so far with that haha

    I am however hoping to do some things differently this year, things I’ve not really done in the past and that’s to try and use a paper journal.  I’d like to try and use this journal that arrived today to make various notes and maybe some sketches in (I’m totally crap at drawing so I have no idea how that’s going to go).  Mostly, the book will contain bushcrafty type stuff I expect.   Only time will tell how I get on with that.  It’s a real leather daily use travellers notebook.

    Another item I bought today is more for curiosity than me trying to use it as a motivational tool, and that’s the Hi-Tec Trek Plus activity tracker.   Why not something like the Fitbit?  I don’t know.  They seem the rage I suppose, but the ones with heart rate monitor seem to be more then I’m willing to spend just for casual information.  If I was planning to make a serious commitment to health and all that, maybe the investment might be considered differently.   Anyhow, this one was cheap enough from Go Outdoors and it was a bit of an impulse haha

    Keeping with the outdoor theme that I have planned for 2016 I’ve also upgraded my hand held GPS to something more modern but without breaking the bank.  Some of the ones out there are kinda mind blowing, but then so are the price tags attached to them as well.   I decided to keep it a bit simpler and went for the Garmin eTrex 20x.  I wanted something to use for hikes and geocaching that didn’t rely on my phone.  Why?  Well, mobile phones don’t last long when you’re using it for live GPS purposes outdoors and they’re actually more fiddly as they turn off, touch the screen and stuff happens, apps close, etc.  I love my phone and it does really well, however, it’s just more headache then it’s worth when doing outdoor activities.  Then there is just the risk of damage if you drop it or whatever.  The eTrex is rugged, waterproof and has just one job to do.

    Well, that’s all for this update.  I will be doing some follow up posts on the progress I make with items mentioned.  Give it a few months and I’ll see how I go.

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out the update.

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    January 02, 2016 at 06:31PM

  • Good-bye 2015 … Hello 2016

    2015 is all but over already … we saw good times, bad times, stressful times and everything in between.

    I had some fantastic outdoor times in 2015 with some great folks that I’d met through YouTube.  I can’t wait to do many more camps with them in 2016.

    Watch this slide show of photos from over the last year (not too many of them I promise)

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    We’d also bought our first house in 2015 and made a big move from Cottenham (where we lived for 10 years) to Swindon.  It was a huge change for us, but all in all I think it was a good change.  It certainly put me closer to the places I wanted to be for my camps.

    2015-12-30 23_43_33-Photo - Google Photos
    Our new house, but not our car

    Lisa also joined Scouts in 2015 and she’s been loving it.  First with the troop in Cottenham and then joined in immediately with 1st Stratton St Margaret right after the move.  The transition was pretty easy for her and she fit right in pretty much from the start.  I also got much more involved with Scouting myself first as an occasional adult helper in Cottenham and now I’ve started the process to become a Scout Leader.  More news on how that goes in 2016.  We’ve done several scout camps this year and had an awesome time at each and every one of them, and looking forward to many more in the years to come.

    Lisa getting invested into 1st Stratton St Margaret Scout Troop.

    Emma has also moved from Brownies, which she really didn’t like.  She just didn’t get out of what she wanted.  She’s now in Cubs and will move to the same Scouts Troop with Lisa and myself sometime early in 2016 (once she’s about 10 1/2).

    Emma getting invested into Cubs

    Work life also saw loads of change, some good, some not so good.  Certainly an increase in stress levels, that has not been fun at all.  But it pays the bills so for the time being I need to just accept it.

    So, what is planned for 2016?   Well who really knows haha I don’t have many plans for the new year but one thing is for certain, I plan to do a lot more camps and get out a lot more.  This includes going out alone more, with groups like the MTFU and Camp Shaky folks and of course camping more with the family (we have a new big tent that we need to use).  I’m also planning to do more training in bushcraft and primitive skills in 2016.

    I’ve already booked one course in Flint Knapping with Hands On Bushcraft and looking forward to that.  I’m also booking a full weekend (Thursday – Sunday) at the 2016 Wilderness Gathering.  Really looking forward to that.  We managed to get there for the day this year and the kids had a good time.  Lots to see and do, too much for one day.  So, next year we’re doing the entire weekend.   I also plan to attend more of the various weekend bushcrafty kind of things in 2016 and take the kids along as well.

    So, now I’ll close this post along with closing out 2015 and wish everyone a very happy new year and hope that 2016 brings so much awesomeness to everyone that they don’t know what to do with the excess.   For everyone I met in 2015 and spent time with, thanks for the great memories and can’t wait to make more in the new year.

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  • Veho MUVI X-Lapse…

    Posted on by rob

    A few weeks back (well, quite a few if I’m honest), I was sent the MUVI X-Lapse by LOVECASES to review and put through it’s paces.  I was impressed by the size of it, however it’s small size does also have a downside…

    Read on to find out more …

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  • Bushcraft Weekend (Day 3)

    Posted on by rob

    [This is a continuation from DAY 1 & DAY 2 ]

    It’s the last day of the weekend.  Aside from the horrible rain last night, which finally let up around about 3am, it’s been a fantastic weekend.  I don’t know when I got to sleep and stayed asleep, sometime after 3 when rain finally stopped, but I woke up at around 715am, which was good because we need to assemble about 730 for breakfast and find out what we’d be doing for the morning.  The course ends at noon, so we didn’t have too much time today.

    Read on (it’s a short post this time)…

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