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Bannock Bread…

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I decided to have a crack at making some Bannock Bread at home tonight.  It seems the time honoured thing to do when camping, so rather then risking a complete and total failure in a camp site (or wild camping) I figured I’d give it a go at home first.

I started with THIS recipe, with a couple of modifications.  Firstly I cut everything half.  The thought of destroying that much raw ingredients didn’t sit well with me, plus it might well have required a super heavy duty rubbish bin liner to dispose of it, let alone whatever the damage to the environment it would do haha 🙂

So, my mixture went like this:


Plus I added some raisins to add to the sweetness and flavour.  The kids loved them, and I thought they were pretty good too.  Didn’t even bother with adding butter or anything to them, they were soft and moist enough without the butter.

BTW, what’s in the photo is half of what was made..

3 thoughts on “Bannock Bread…”

  1. Yeah, there are pretty much endless options to add to it. In a magazine I bought (which made me think to finally try it), the author added sliced spring onions rather then fruit.. but I figured the kids would like the fruit more. I tried to find a small bag of mixed fruit at the Tesco today but couldn’t seem to locate them so went with raisins instead.

  2. Nana - Shirley

    Looks yummy – now add some sliced almonds and you have a real treat 🙂

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