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Observations of Italy (Part 2)

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Welcome back and thanks for continuing to read my ramblings 😀

Continuing on from the previous (Part 1) a few more observations for visitors to this great country. These aren’t unique to Italy, however; I’ve seen a lot of it here. The over abundance of high pressure tat sales people on the streets. This isn’t designed to offend or stereotype people, but the reality is that most of these people are from Africa. They will generally be pretty easy to spot on the street as they tend to dress is what I think must be some kind of traditional clothing but it’s loud and at times quite garish.

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Observations of Italy (part 1)

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When we travel we tend to want to find and experience only the positives of a place and for the most part that’s generally what happens, however; along with the good always comes the .. not so good. This post and the one or maybe 2 that follow aren’t so much as to cast a bad light upon this amazing country but rather to help visitors know of differences here to where they likely come from. Some of these will be procedural differences in how things are done, some will be down to cultural differences here in Italy. I’m only writing based my experiences between Italy (so far as I’ve experienced it) and place I’ve lived.

So, lets see what knowledge I can impart on you wouldbe travellers to Italy! I’ve only been living here for 2 1/2 months as of this post, I’m far from an expert on all things Italian .. especially when it comes to parlando Italiano.

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European Vacation (2011)

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At around 0430 AM on Monday April 11th we set out for nearly a week long holiday on the continent. The trip started by driving from Cambridge to Dover where we got the ferry for Calais, France. We’d arrived nearly an hour early due to a bit of bad planning on my part but also due to no traffic on the roads at that insane hour. We’d arrived at the ferry port an hour early and managed to get put on an earlier ferry.  This was was great as it meant we could get to Disney that much earlier and also avoid more rush hour traffic around Paris.

Once in France it was a very straightforward drive to get to Disneyland Paris.  I think we got checked into the hotel, “Disneyland Hotel”, about 90 mins early. Not a problem as the kept our cases for us and gave us our park tickets so we could start to enjoy the park without delay.

The kids (and you can safely assume for the rest of this posting that I am including Yuki as one of "the kids") were mental and wanted to see the characters and get on some rides.

Read on if you want to read all the details of trip SmileThis is a long read .. so brace for it Smile with tongue out

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