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  • Veho MUVI X-Lapse…

    Posted on by rob

    A few weeks back (well, quite a few if I’m honest), I was sent the MUVI X-Lapse by LOVECASES to review and put through it’s paces.  I was impressed by the size of it, however it’s small size does also have a downside…

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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving soon..

    Posted on by rob

    I’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered my new Samsung Galaxy S IV from Vodafone today.  My S3 has served me very well over the last year and I can’t complain about, it’s been a crack’n bit of kit!   I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but with the new phone will come the need to replace some of the accessories that go with it .. the S4 won’t fit in my current car holder or the current phone case.

    There are so many options available already for the S4, it boggles the mind.. makes picking one so hard haha

    So far my choice of case would have to be the Samsung View Smart cover or

    Or the Samsung Flip case, however I don’t like that the camera can’t operate with the cover flipped all the way over the phone.


    I’ll have to wait until the phone arrives next week to work out which case might be best for me… oooh I can’t wait for it’s arrival.

    Now to look for info about rooting the phone to make the most of it ..

  • Review: Dexim RF Speed Race Car

    Posted on by rob

    The other day the postman dropped off a new toy for the kids … it was the Dexim AppSpeed RF Race Car – Audi R8 shipped over from the good folks at MobileFun.co.uk.  If you’ve not checked out the site get on over and check it out.  Wait, not yet, read this first then go check it out.  Geez Smile

    The car arrived while the kids were at school, so of course I had to open the box and check out the contents, you know just for safety reasons, health and safety and all Smile

    2012-05-30 13.10.22So, this is what came in the box.  The item as delivered is an iPhone Accessory and/or an iPad Accessory. This means that it will not work on other smart phones.   I was going to take some close up shots of the product, but honestly they have great close up photos over at product page, check them out there.

    The hardest part of getting this car to work really was getting it out of the box haha once it was out, I plugged the car into my laptop to charge as I couldn’t find any AAA batteries to hand, the charging cable is just USB on one end and the small plug on the other end for the car.  It took me a moment to find where to plug it in though, I didn’t read the manual Open-mouthed smile.

    The charge took about 5 minutes I suppose when the blinking light on the charger cable stopped flashing, that’s the signal it’s play time.  Yeah, I had to look at the manual in the end to confirm what the flashing was all about.

    While the car was charging, I got the transmitter plugged into the iPad and installed the free app from iTunes.

    The interface for the app is quite simple.  You’ve got 2 ways to control the car, either by the gravity sensor or by on-screen controls.  I found the on-screen controls to be cumbersome as you need to hold the speed control down and select the direction.  This was slightly easier on the iPhone then the iPad due to the screen size. Controlling the car would be even easier if the app provided 2 on-screen “joysticks” rather then the button and slider arrangement.   However, the easiest way to control the car is with the gravity sensor.  For this you only need to tip the iPhone or iPad away from or towards you to make the car for forward or backward, respectively.   The kids also found the gravity sensor to be the best way to control the car.

    The interface also comes with some pre-set manoeuvres, one drives it around in a circle, another drives it forward in a zig-zag pattern and another makes the car “dance” to some included music with the app.  There doesn’t seem to be any way to change the music to something already on your device, if there was I couldn’t find it..   The only other control is really the speed control.  You can pre-set the maximum speed of the car, which is handy when first learning to control it.  It defaults to a speed of “8” and goes from 1 to 15, however at 1 I found the car moved at speeds resembling that of the tectonic plates  while at 15 it was shooting around the kitchen floor just about out of control.

    I was surprised by the size of the car, it was smaller then I’d expected (yeah yeah I could have looked at the specs, but as I’m a bloke you just know that would never happen Smile)

    Here’s a little video showing the car in motion.  The video starts at with my daughter (operating the car via an iPhone, not mine, I’m an Android man through and through) driving the car around in some circles forward and backward.  At around 45 seconds the car is switched into “Dance” mode.


    If you’re looking for a cool little toy to stem the boredom of the office life, get a couple of these and race them with your mates around the office Smile  I’d love the try out the Helicopter as well, nothing breaks up a boring day like a little areal combat around the halls of the office hah

    I’d like to thank the great folks over at MobileFun.co.uk for the chance to play with this cool little car.  It would be cool to build a little track and race a couple of them around.

  • One month later…

    Posted on by rob

    Well, I’ve had my Android phone for just over 1 month now and I can only describe my feelings for the device as “growing stronger each day”.  Which, if you’d been reading my blog a year ago when I got my Nokia N97, is the complete opposite.

    The more I use the device, the more I love it.  Sure there are dislikes I have for device…

    — its hard for me to get use to the on screen keyboard. I’ve always had physical keyboards so still find myself making loads od mistakes, but getting much better.

    — the battery life ia really bad, but then again this really is the power of your average netbook in your pocket. I’ve not actually run it with Wifi, Bluetooth and gas fully disabled for a day to see how it does.

    — the final dislike ia nothing to do with device or android but with Samsung and the appalling failure that is the Samsung Kies software, which is required for doing update to the phone firmware. Simply but it doesn’t work for most people, and my experience is no different.

    My likes about the device? I think its easier ro simply say… With only the above exceptions, all you can do is love this thing.  It fast, has an amazing screen, awesome graphics, great audio, a phenomenal selection of apps available and simply gets better every day.

    If you want to see what I run on my android then CLICK HERE to see.  The list is a live update of the apps I have installed.  If you have an Android and don’t use Appbrain and Fast Web Installer app then you are seriously missing out on what I consider one of the most powerful apps on the Android Platform!!!

    I’ve written this post 100% from the device this time using the WordPress app.  No apps were harmed in the production of this posting and I had some green text on my screen so it means its friendly on the environment as well.

  • My first Android phone

    The day finally came this past week when I was finally released from Nokia based hell on Earth.

    On Tuesday September, 14th was the day of my release. I can only liken the feeling to the one a convict whose just served 40 years in a Turkish prison. Ok perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s really not far off.

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