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Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving soon..

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I’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered my new Samsung Galaxy S IV from Vodafone today.  My S3 has served me very well over the last year and I can’t complain about, it’s been a crack’n bit of kit!   I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or bad thing, but with the new phone will come the need to replace some of the accessories that go with it .. the S4 won’t fit in my current car holder or the current phone case.

There are so many options available already for the S4, it boggles the mind.. makes picking one so hard haha

So far my choice of case would have to be the Samsung View Smart cover or

Or the Samsung Flip case, however I don’t like that the camera can’t operate with the cover flipped all the way over the phone.


I’ll have to wait until the phone arrives next week to work out which case might be best for me… oooh I can’t wait for it’s arrival.

Now to look for info about rooting the phone to make the most of it ..

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