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CaseLogic Camera Bag

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The postman arrived and handed me what I’d been waiting for… my new CaseLogic Camera bag. It arrived not only just in time for a trip back to New York City but also for a studio night I was heading out to that night, that meant I could immediately try it out.  The first thing I did was go through it and find all the various pockets and check out the sizes to get an idea what I might shove in them.   There is no shortage of pockets that’s for sure.   There is one that’s pretty odd shaped and of limited use, however I did find a use for that one too.

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Review: Ultimate Nexus 7 Accessory Pack

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Quite some time back I received the Ultimate Nexus 7 Accessory Pack from the very good folks over at   This is a kit loaded with goodies for your precious Google Nexus 7!  The only difference between what was on the website and what actually arrived was the “Leather Style Case”, it was a minor difference and in all honestly what I received was better.  The case on the website has a flappy thing on the back that when you fold the front over so you can angle the tablet up off the table or stand it vertically in landscape mode, the case I was shipped uses magnets to secure the lid folded into a triangle (Click to see larger images)


Keeping reading …

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Review: Asus Nexus 7 Tablet case

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Very recently I gave in and bought an Asus Nexus 7 tablet.  I’ve had it about a week and a half now I suppose and I love it.  It’s so much better then the company provided iPad 2 for lots of reasons, the 2 that come to mind though are 1) It’s not an Apple and 2) it doesn’t require Arnie sized muscles to hold it up and use for a couple of hours.  I’m use to the size factor the Nexus 7 as my Amazon Kindle is about the same size.  I won’t bother doing a review of this since there’s 100’s out there already.

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Review: Hama Universal Memory Card Case

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Recently, I received an email from chap over at asking if they might have anything I could do a review on, such as a case for my camera or iPad or something.  Like most photographers I have many more cases for cameras then actual camera’s haha so I had look around the site to see what else I could put to the test and abuse.   If you’re not familiar with (I wasn’t when I was contacted), but they’re a sister company of, which a great place to spend your allowance on gadgets for your mobile toys Open-mouthed have an amazing selection of camera cases and memory card cases, but it doesn’t stop there, seriously check it out.  I spotted a few cool Kindle cases, someone might get a new one for Christmas this year haha

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