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Review: Hama Universal Memory Card Case

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Recently, I received an email from chap over at asking if they might have anything I could do a review on, such as a case for my camera or iPad or something.  Like most photographers I have many more cases for cameras then actual camera’s haha so I had look around the site to see what else I could put to the test and abuse.   If you’re not familiar with (I wasn’t when I was contacted), but they’re a sister company of, which a great place to spend your allowance on gadgets for your mobile toys Open-mouthed have an amazing selection of camera cases and memory card cases, but it doesn’t stop there, seriously check it out.  I spotted a few cool Kindle cases, someone might get a new one for Christmas this year haha

Anyone that knows me also knows I’m a gadget guy … I collect all manor of little gadgets.  Of course, with that comes one problem… where to put them all?  Well the bottom of my camera bag looks a bit like a techno tip some times with all sorts of things littering up the bag.  So, I went looking for some sort of bag or case to stuff all that stuff in.

Hama is a rather well known name for inexpensive products ranging from items such as this memory card holder to backpacks and beyond.  I’ve got one of their camera backpacks that I bought a couple years ago.  The build quality of their products is, at least in my opinion, acceptable, given the price.  The backpack has lasted fine, although I’ve not treated it with my normal level of abuse.

20120801_100713_blogHaving looked thought the site for a couple days off and on I settled on the Hama Universal Memory Card Case.  It’s sometimes a bit of a mystery when you order things online on just how it will really look or how big/small it will be.   This was one of those things I wasn’t sure about from the images alone (hint hint to sites, try and pop in something for reference in some of the product photo … say a coffee cup or even just a hand holding the product, helps a lot In love).  Anyhow, when the post man dropped the small packet through the letter box I knew it wasn’t going to be massive, I was relieved hah

Since taking these photos after clearing out the gadget debris from my bag I’ve found a few more things to shove into this case, and why not, it certainly has more space inside, might as well make use of it.   [Click on the images to see a larger version of the photos]

Well, here are a couple of the obligatory opened and closed photos of the product .. I must admit, when I first opened it wasn’t sure how much I could actually put in there, but once I started loading it up the only thing that stopped me was the fact I ran out of things put in hah


So, what’s in my wallet case .. between these 4 photos you can see quite a collection of things.  A few things missing from the photos that I found in my bag are a pen (to go with the notepad), my camera’s IR remote control, a hot shoe level and a couple other things.


So, what’s in there then?

  • 4 x AA Batteries (for my speedlite)
  • 4 x AAA Batteries for the remote trigger receivers
  • 3 x SD cards as spares
  • 1 x £5 note, hey, never know when you need a coffee somewhere
  • 1 x PC sync cable for a remote trigger
  • 1 x USB SDHC card reader, never know when you need one
  • 1 x OTG cable for my Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can connect the camera or USB reader to the phone
  • 1 x Small notebook (and now a pen too)
  • A few hay fever tablets, nothing worse then out shooting nature and sneezing all over the back of your camera!!!
  • 1 x IR remote for camera
  • 1 x hot shoe level / cover
  • Soon to be added, a spare Starbucks coffee card preloaded with a few quid, that fiver might go missing one day in a country pub and you always need a backup plan!!!


These are a couple more of most stuff packed into the case.

So, what do I think of it?  Well, for a Fiver it can not be beat!!  Seriously I’m not even sure how they can make for that, but who am I to argue.  This fits very nicely into my backpack, the zipper that surrounds the entire case ensures everything stays inside when it’s getting tossed about inside the backpack, and as everything is pretty much secured inside the case either via the mesh net pockets or those elasticated rings it means that when you open it there won’t be the need to repack it or sift through looking for whatever you needed.   I think it’s something most people could use in their bag to help tidy and organize their bits and bobs, and coming from me, someone who is quite disorganized, it’s saying a lot hah

The only question I have about this case though .. what is that little hole for in the spine?  I assume it’s to put the pocket clip of a pen into?  None of the pens I have would fit it ..

If you’ve not gone off to check out yet go and do it, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by their selection.  Don’t forget to check out as well .. I wonder if they have a wish list function like Amazon does .. Hmmmmm Smile with tongue out

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  Comments are always welcome.  BTW, if you’re a blog spammer, please save your typing, it’ll never get posted and no one will read your posts.

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