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  • Sour Milk?!

    Posted on by rob

    We’ve had some issues at the office with milk going sour, usually over weekends.  This long weekend was extra bad as Tuesday morning we had to bin 7 x 4pint bottles of milk that had all turned to nasty smelling cheese over the course of the 3 day weekend.

    It was suggested that we put a thermometer in the fridge, sure it’ll work, but it can only show you what the temp is NOW and not over time.  Soooo being a geek and very new to the world of Arduino, I knew I had to find a way.

    Click here to see Photos of devices used

    Enter the ESP8266 12-E and a DHT22 plus ThingSpeak.  I found the code I was looking for, thanks very much to “Chispa” over at #GoChispaGo.   The code only need a couple of minor tweaks plus a load of translating since his was in Spanish 😀

    The code is pretty straightforward (says a guy that really doesn’t have any programming experience with Arduino’s).

    Building the project was simple, the ESP8266 is powered by a USB cable and phone charger plugged into the wall and the DHT22 is plugged into 5vdc, ground and pin D4 on the ESP8266 board.

    I got it working just fine though so I’m well pleased about that.

    The data is logged to a chart: https://thingspeak.com/channels/321768

    And the code used is as follows.

    Feel free to take the code and play away for your own needs.

    ESP8266 next to 20p
    DHT22 sensor next to 20p

  • RPI + RaspiCam = Time Lapse Photos

    Posted on by rob

    While chatting with a friend today about my new Venus Flytrap plant they asked to see it catch a fly .. well that’s kind hard to capture as it’s a lot of chance (unless you shove a fly into one of the traps).  So I got to thinking, I can use my Raspberry Pi and the RaspiCam to take time lapse photos using raspistill then stitch them all together into a video.

    Read on to find out how I made this happen …

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  • Where is my PI?

    Posted on by rob

    raspberry-pi-580-75[1]Hashtag[1]Unless you use static IP’s or a DHCP reserved IP for your PI (or really, any Linux based computer) how do you know where it lives on your network?  This might not be an immediate issue for you on your home network, but what if you take your PI with you to another network for some reason?  It could also be used to simply let you know when a machine has been rebooted and is back on line..

    Read on to find out how I fixed this problem…

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  • Sending SMS from the command line

    Posted on by rob

    Quite a few years ago I started using a VOIP provider called voipcheap.  Aside from the very cheap rates they have for calling (including FREE calls to number of countries), I’ve also found them to be very reliable. Another feature they have is the ability to send SMS’s either via their website or via a direct URL that you can hit with with a few bits of info in the URL and they’ll send out your SMS for you.

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