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Sour Milk?!

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We’ve had some issues at the office with milk going sour, usually over weekends.  This long weekend was extra bad as Tuesday morning we had to bin 7 x 4pint bottles of milk that had all turned to nasty smelling cheese over the course of the 3 day weekend.

It was suggested that we put a thermometer in the fridge, sure it’ll work, but it can only show you what the temp is NOW and not over time.  Soooo being a geek and very new to the world of Arduino, I knew I had to find a way.

Click here to see Photos of devices used

Enter the ESP8266 12-E and a DHT22 plus ThingSpeak.  I found the code I was looking for, thanks very much to “Chispa” over at #GoChispaGo.   The code only need a couple of minor tweaks plus a load of translating since his was in Spanish 😀

The code is pretty straightforward (says a guy that really doesn’t have any programming experience with Arduino’s).

Building the project was simple, the ESP8266 is powered by a USB cable and phone charger plugged into the wall and the DHT22 is plugged into 5vdc, ground and pin D4 on the ESP8266 board.

I got it working just fine though so I’m well pleased about that.

The data is logged to a chart:

And the code used is as follows.

Feel free to take the code and play away for your own needs.

ESP8266 next to 20p

DHT22 sensor next to 20p

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    1. Mostly the problem is that the fridge is pretty empty with generally only about 4 or 5 bottles of milk (4 pint each). Fridges really need to be full or they’re not efficient at all.

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