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  • Holland 2009 – Day 2

    Posted on by rob

    Today is Lisa’s Birthday. We’ve not really planned to do too much today through, The day started about 7am to pitter patter of little feet and rain drops out on our balcony. Neither was welcomed at that hour haha. We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Sort of a continental cum random nibbles sort of affair, but was good. Then it was off to get a tram to the Fashion and Museum District, home of the Van Gogh Museum, Diamant Museum and Rijksmuseum.

    Having walked around for about 1.5mi looking at shops that apparently don’t open on on Monday until 11am, or if at all. One lessoned learned is NEVER go to Amsterdam on Monday, it’s shut!! We were looking for a tourist info booth, which should have been somewhere around the Diamant Museum, so we could buy a couple unlimited travel cards. Turns out they hide them from the tourists, never found either that was in the mile or so radius of each other, shocking. Finally managed to get some tram tickets, not the ones we wanted but whatever, got us out of the rain.

    Then it was onto a tram heading towards the Central Station, looking for the Magna Plaza shopping centre. We’d missed the stop so had to fetch another tram going back the opposite direction to get back, we did that a lot today :).  After the Magna Plaza, we wandered the entire length of Nieuwendijk Street shopping area.  Ok, HOLY CRAP that’s a lot of places to go in and out of.  There must be 500 stores in about 1/2 a mile.  We finally decided to stop for lunch, the kids were starving, we were too to be fair.  We wanted to get some of the Holland pancakes.  Right, this is where our day starts to take a major shit, pardon the French but you’ll see why.

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  • Santa’s Grotto and Xmas bizarre

    Posted on by rob

    Today at Ladybird Pre-School they had their Christmas Bizarre and Santa’s Grotto.  We entered the raffle as well and walked out with a pair of advent calendars for the kids.  So they’ll get to open those little doors each day until Christmas.

    It was a good time there.  Emma, Lisa and Daddy went along with Yang, Oliver and Olivia.  Yuki stayed home to sleep as she was working today.  The kids all had a great time.  They made hats and decorated them with all sorts of bits and pieces that could be drawn on or glued on.  The kids also got to see Santa, sort of the main reason for going really.   They waiting in a very very short queue since we got there early, then sat with Santa and bent his ear for a few minutes no doubt giving a list longer then his arm of things they want.  Emma was actually quite quiet, she really want sure what to make of Santa… looked like she might actually cry but managed to get some courage and spoke to him haha.

    Lisa and Emma posing Santa's Queue Still waiting... time is pressies
    It's Santa Time Lisa and Emma with Santa Emma on Santa's knee
    The table of goodies Yang and Oliver Yang and Olivia
    Oliver taking a picture of me taking a picture of him   Emma eating a biscuit she decorated

    (More pics on Flickr – CLICK HERE)

    After we got home from this it was time to get dressed up in their party outfits for an evening at a birthday party for Ted, Emma’s classmate that turned 3.  Sorry, no pics from that 🙂


    Today is Emma’s birthday and she’s 3.  Emma is taking cupcakes to school today to share with her friends.

    We’ll have pictures later today once the kids get home from school, I’ll update this entry then.





    Video of Emma getting her "cake" (Cup cakes)


    V-Tech computer





    Emma working on the last gift

    It's a baby doll with bottle


    Emma' Birthday

    Lisa enjoying her cup cake

    Emma enjoying her cup cake

    You can see the rest of the pics in the gallery by clicking on any of the photos, it will take you to Our Flickr Gallery.

  • Well that’s another year, Lisa is 5 now.

    Posted on by rob

    Well, Lisa had finally had her 5th birthday.  We’ve been hearing about this since her 4th party ended, and no doubt we’ll be spending the next year listening to how soon her 6th birthday party will be coming along.

    The kids both had a great day today.  Lisa had to wait until about 1130 or so to open her gifts because we wanted to have the webcam on so Nana Shirley, Nana Carol and Grandpa Bob in Canada could watch the opening of the gifts.  The web cast went ok but next year I really must try something better, a proper Vlog sort of thing.

    Some pics of the main gift opening from this morning



    IMG_8363.jpgIMG_8364.jpgOur House

    At around 5pm our friends all came around with their kids (Yang with Oliver and Olivia, followed by Stuart (her partner), plus Sam and Liz with their kids Tabbie, Ted and the as yet unborn baby to be 🙂 ).  Yang and Stuart gave both Lisa and Emma a “Red Pack” a typical Chinese gift, a red pack with £10 for each of them.  Liz and Sam brought over a pair of Groovy Girls dolls.  We put Emma’s away until her birthday though.

    Here are some pics from the party in the afternoon

    The friends arriveIMG_8370.jpgIMG_8371.jpg

    The foodIMG_8376.jpgIMG_8377.jpg

    IMG_8378.jpgIMG_8380.jpgLisa making a wish

    Lisa blowing out the candlesIMG_8386.jpgThe Wall-E cake

    You can see all the photos including a short video by going directly to the Flickr Photo Gallery.

    Thanks to everyone that sent gifts for the kids.  Lisa really enjoyed them all and I’m sure Emma will when she gets to open hers too!  Watch this space for Emma’s birthday party results 🙂