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Santa’s Grotto and Xmas bizarre

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Today at Ladybird Pre-School they had their Christmas Bizarre and Santa’s Grotto.  We entered the raffle as well and walked out with a pair of advent calendars for the kids.  So they’ll get to open those little doors each day until Christmas.

It was a good time there.  Emma, Lisa and Daddy went along with Yang, Oliver and Olivia.  Yuki stayed home to sleep as she was working today.  The kids all had a great time.  They made hats and decorated them with all sorts of bits and pieces that could be drawn on or glued on.  The kids also got to see Santa, sort of the main reason for going really.   They waiting in a very very short queue since we got there early, then sat with Santa and bent his ear for a few minutes no doubt giving a list longer then his arm of things they want.  Emma was actually quite quiet, she really want sure what to make of Santa… looked like she might actually cry but managed to get some courage and spoke to him haha.

Lisa and Emma posing Santa's Queue Still waiting... time is pressies
It's Santa Time Lisa and Emma with Santa Emma on Santa's knee
The table of goodies Yang and Oliver Yang and Olivia
Oliver taking a picture of me taking a picture of him   Emma eating a biscuit she decorated

(More pics on Flickr – CLICK HERE)

After we got home from this it was time to get dressed up in their party outfits for an evening at a birthday party for Ted, Emma’s classmate that turned 3.  Sorry, no pics from that πŸ™‚