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Blog Spam …

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While my blog doesn’t suffer the posted blog comment spam that some other poorly run blogs suffer, it’s still rather annoying that I’m forced to push a button to empty my spam folder from time to time. What I’d love to see is plugin for WordPress that actively engages a Blog Spammer Countermeasure where it can launch an ICBM with a tactical nuclear warhead that will only destroy say a 30 foot radius of the computer responsible for the connection that has resulted in the attempted post of the blog spam.

It’s clear laws have done nothing at all to curb spam (email or blog spam) .. time for some serious shit to combat those worthless oxygen thieves.

Oh well, I’ll step down off my soap box and see how many blog spam attempts this post brings about haha

2 thoughts on “Blog Spam …”

  1. I run a fairly effective CAPTCHA, the same you’re using, I belive. I noticed over the last few months that the level of spam in the Akismet folder each day was slowly increasing. I poked around in the .php for the CAPTCHA plugin and saw that there are other parameters that can be played with that don’t appear in the plugin’s control panel. I fiddled with some of the parameters related to the orientation of the letters and amount of noise in the image and found that the level dropped significantly. It’s not zero, but it’s not as high as it once was.

    Maybe we can force all the spammers into North Korea. :-/

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