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Review: Caden Camera Sling

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In a previous review of the Deeko-2012A Rucksack I’d mentioned that the folks over at UKPhotoDistro Ltd  had sent me a “gift” to make up for the delay in my shipment of the rucksack.  Well, what they’d sent was exactly what I was looking for and have loved it since it arrived…

Caden NEOPRENE Shockproof Camera Strap / Sling.  Which they sell on their ebay store for a a bargain price of £17.99 plus shipping!


While over in the US I’d looked at a number of slings and loved how they felt and how the camera hung at my side, but I really battled with the price tags .. I know, you get what you pay for, blah, blah, blah, but it was also more of a “It’s really nice but can I really justify it?”  Well, to anyone considering such a purchase, I’d have to say yes, it is a bit of equipment that everyone should be able to justify.  I’ll never go back to a neck strap again after this thing.

So, the good folks over at UKPhotoDistro Ltd sent me one of these.  Since receiving it, it’s been attached to my camera pretty much all the time.  I love how the camera hangs to the side and mostly behind me, so when walking through crowds there’s no more bashing the camera body and lens against people or worse, I had the camera on a neck strap with my 70-300mm lens when the person in front of me stopped on a dime … with zero chance to react, they ended up with pointy end of my lens in their back while my gut took the full front of the camera body.    Since that time I hated neck straps and decided I had to find another alternative.  Even my neoprene neck strap doesn’t give the feel of comfort that this sling does.

The only “issue” I’ve had with this is one that I think I can fix easily enough after speaking with John over at UKPhotoDistro Ltd. Basically, the mounting plate for the bottom of the camera will not tighten up enough and after a short period of time the plate will pivot around which totally throws off the hang of the camera and it doesn’t feel right.  The problem seems to be that the screw that goes into the tripod mount is too long on the plate, so it hits the bottom of the hole before it’s fully tightened up.  The suggested fix is to cut a sheet of rubber / Neoprene and stick it between the plate and the camera body.  I’ll find some and give it ago.

Anyhow, thanks very much guys, it was a perfect gift and already has been well used (but not yet abused :)) … I’ll certainly be buying more goods from these guys.  Check them out.


I’ve added some photos of my sling with my Nikon D7000 attached below the “read more” link .. check them out.




2 thoughts on “Review: Caden Camera Sling”

  1. Hi, it seems that you have attached the plate in a position that is not intended by the designer. From your pictures, i found that you have placed the plate with the hook attachment at the grip side of the camera. It should be the other way round. If you notice carefully there is another slot on the plate that is meant to be position on the grip side, so that a wrist strap can be attached with this plate as well.

    1. Thanks, I’ve actually tried the plate around a couple of different ways … the real problem with the design of this plate and my camera is that the bolt is about 1mm too long. If I compare the bolt on this plate with other attachments I have this one is a bit longer and so the bolt actually hits the bottom of the hole before it can fully tighten the plate down. What I’ve done in the mean time to make it “fit” a bit better is to fold up some paper into 2 “plates” of about 5mm x 5mm and about 1.5mm thick, and I’ve placed 2 of these between the mounting plate and the camera body. This means the bolt doesn’t hit the end of the mounting hole and I can tighten things down better.

      I will replace the paper with some neoprene or rubber when I get a chance .. for example I could cut an old bicycle inner tube so it fits the bottom of the plate and just build it up until I can fully tighten things down.

      Thanks for the comment though, I have turned the plate around and will see if it makes it easier to carry. I had it the “wrong” way around mostly because I found it easier to just reach down and grab the camera grip and lift the camera, but will try it the other way for a bit and see how it feels to carry.

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