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Getting slack in my updates..

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Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve updated my blog.  Since my last update on Dec 15th there’s been loads happening.  Lets see.. we had Christmas, New Years, I’ve been to South Africa with work and now it’s March already.

I’m planning a lot of walking trips for this year, now if only the weather and time are kind to me I will actually be able to complete them.

The longest walk I’m planning is a walk around Lake Windermere, which is 45 miles.  That will be a multi-day trip with camping along the way.  I’m planning for 4 days but expect to complete it in 3 days. No idea when this will be but I’m guessing not until May.

Another walk I’m looking at has been inspired by this site – The Cheviot and The Big One. While it’s a single day walk, albeit a long one, I’m planning to take it slower and do it over 2 days with one nights wild camping (on the Scotland side of the walk near Windy Gyle.  We’ll see how that one goes.  I’d rather not do that one alone given the remoteness of it all, but then again it would be a nice confidence booster alone too.

Closer to home I’m looking at some walks along the Norfolk coast and even closer to home along the river cam.  One circular walk I’ve planned out is about 20km, it starts in Waterbeach, walking up the one side of the river and returning back the far side.  I’ve also looked at doing an 18km walk starting in Waterbeach ending in Ely then a quick train ride back to Waterbeach back to the car.  Both of these are known to be quite wet and mucky so I will have to wait for some nice dry weather, not interested in getting covered from head to toe in mud Smile

More updates to come, I hope at more frequent rates then I have been for the last 6 months.

2 thoughts on “Getting slack in my updates..”

  1. Hope you enjoy the Big One when you eventually get around to walking it. It is well worth the effort & can be comfortably completed in a day (8-12 hours). Otherwise, Windy Gyle area is the perfect setting for a night under the stars.

    1. Thanks, yeah I’ve seen it can be done in a day.. I’d considered that. However, with the drive from Cambridge I figured it’d be more fun with an overnight in the middle of it 🙂 Any tips for the trip would be muchly appreciated 🙂

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