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Holland 2009 – Day 1

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The day started stupid early today… Aggravated by the fact it was also the day we changed the clocks. We got up about 445 to get ready to head out for the Sterna Ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland. The drive to the ferry was nearly uneventful… Lisa had a coughing spell and ended up throwing up in the car, so a stop was in order to clean her and the car. We arrived in good time for boarding the ferry.

Once on-board we made out way to a window seat near the front of ‘Food City’ close to the kids play zone. We had breakfast on board then the kids disappeared to the play area only to return for nibbles and drinks and the occasional potty break. Just after lunch a magician came out to the kids play zone and put on a show for about and hour… He was like the pied piper, kids from far and wide appeared to watch his magic and balloon tricks.

The arrival and disembarkation was uneventful, as was the drive to Amsterdam, well mostly. A couple of wrong turns due to clarity issues of the GPS coupled with the giggling at it speaking road names of infinite length.

We attempted to get to the hotel to unload the car, that failed as there was no where to stop for blocks.. Literally. We decided to just got the Park and Ride at Olympisch Stadion. Here can park for just €6/day (24hrs). That comes with a free tram/bus pass to and from the PnR. We made it to Albert Cuypstraat on the tram and stopped to feed the kids at McD’s. Then it was about a 10 min walk to the hotel.

I failed to notify my over zealous bastard of a bank, who might I add will shut down my credit card at the very thought of a foreign purchase, shut down my card when the hotel attempted payment. A quickish call to them and several insults at them later had my card restored to service.

That pretty much brings me to now as I am typing this blog entry… Lisa is sleeping, Emma is fussing about and Yuki is on my laptop and that leaves me on my phone to blog 🙂 that pretty much does it for day on in Holland. Stay tuned for the results of day 2, tomorrow.

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  1. Nana - Shirley

    what fun would it be if everything went smoothly :0) That was one long ferry ride!

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