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Looking forward to WordCamp UK 2009

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It’s still a bit early and not all of the details are available as yet .. but I’m waiting with bated breath for all the details.. I’ve actually already booked my hotel room.. didn’t want that to be the primary reason I couldn’t get there.

I’ve been using WordPress now for what.. nearly 3 years I think.. maybe only 2, can’t remember. But I’m dead impressed with it… I’ve been watching all of the WordCamp events around the world and waiting for one to come up here.. I know they had a 2008 one in the UK, however I missed that completely for some reason..

Check out the WordCamp UK website:

And follow them on Twitter too:

I hope to meet loads of people there.. sounds like it should be great fun!


2 thoughts on “Looking forward to WordCamp UK 2009”

  1. Thanks for stopping by here also.. yes, looking forward to meeting everyone. I wish I’d have gotten there last year, but hey ho didn’t happen 🙂 This year will for sure.. hotel is booked, holiday’s are booked just waiting to see how much the event will cost.. 🙂

  2. Hello Rob, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about web hosting and dedicated servers. I’m intending to be at Wordcamp UK too, so looking forward to meeting you there.

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