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Merry Christmas – 2008

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ctree_3a We would like too wish everyone a very happy holiday and a very Merry Christmas


1 thought on “Merry Christmas – 2008”

  1. Hello there Rob, Yuki, Lisa & Emma. Glad to see that you are all doing fine. The girls are growing up to say the least. I hope you are saving for college! It looks like you all had quite a Christmas celebration. Hopefully the girls enjoyed it just as little kids should.

    All is well here with everyone that you may remember. Although I have not heard anything from Richard since you left so I can’t speak of him. I did something the other day that I have never done and that was have a session with an Astrologer. Kind of wild to say the least. One of the things she said I need to do is to travel and she specifically said to Europe, not locally around here but I don’t know if I could manage something like that or not. Like many people I am still living paycheck to paycheck for the most part. Depending on how late you may stay up I am usually on the Delaware Traffic net weeknights at 1830 EST on 3.905 MHz. I don’t know what you may have set up for a station but keep that in mind. We are on 1800 ESL on Saturdays. The band has been long for a while now so DX sounds better than us local guys.

    Keep warm, Dave KC3AM

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