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Rest in peace ..

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This morning Yuki got word that her Grandfather, 张福林 (zhang fu lin) on her mothers side had passed away. 

He passed away while at home in 齐齐哈尔 (qi qi ha er), he was 75 years old.  Early last year he suffered a massive stroke and has required constant care since. 

This is a photo taken last year when the girls were all back in China on their holiday.  Zhang fu lin is in the middle in the blue PJ’s.  This was taken at the hospital on one of his “good” days.

He will be missed by everyone, Rest in peace!

Yuki will also be posting something on her blog as well in Chinese.. Yuki’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Rest in peace ..”

  1. I am sure he was happy he got to meet those two little angels last year.
    My condolences to all.

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