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Inconsiderate Lorry Drivers…

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So, as I was walking to Subway to get my lunch today, just outside my office building was a broken down 5 tonne Lorry.  I first noticed a pool of motor oil about 3 foot x 3 foot or so .. a few partial tire tracks then the lorry with an even larger amount of oil under it.  It looks like he had parked himself immediately over the waste water drain so as to get rid of the leaking oil.  A guy walking just a few paces ahead of me said what I would have if he weren’t there .. he leans in towards the lorry and says “Hey mate, seems your machine is leaking oil and it’s running in the drain..”  The driver responded with something like “Yeah I know, I’m broke down” then leaning out his window, looking down at the drain says “it’s alright..”

I comment to the guy walking ahead of me how the driver didn’t seem to care about the entire situation .. the guy said “He should do, the EPA is just here” and he points to the building next to us. 

I decided that something needed to be done, not only because of the oil in the drain, but also because of the general mess all that oil will be making everywhere as well as the fact the drivers attitude sucked.  I called the fire department (non-emergency number) and enquired if they were the correct folks to speak too about this.  The guy that answered put me through to the Chief immediately who took the details and said he would contact the police who would then alert the EPA about the issue.  Being satisfied with that result went and got my sub.

Walking back to the building not more then about 8 or 9 mins later the fire departments HAZMAT response truck was rolling up and started to speak with the driver.  I continued on into the office.  I assume that the police and EPA would be attending shortly as well.  If the driver of that truck thought he was having a bad day before with a simple break down, things would have just gotten a lot worse for him.

Perhaps his attitude won’t suck so bad the next time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Inconsiderate Lorry Drivers…”

  1. Well, I think it was pretty clear from the posting.. the driver didn’t really seem to care in the slightest that his truck was dumping oil out.. infact, he went out of his way to move his failing truck so it was parked over a water drainage grate so it would disappear down the hole instead of leaving it on the pavement, which would have been better for cleaning up.

    So, am I bothered by this? NO, not in the slightest. He decided to do nothing about it, he should be charged for the damages and costs of cleaning up his mess.

  2. You seemed to take some pleasure in this which might of cost the driver his job cause hazmat costs thousands to the company hes hauling maybe u should of contacted his company before calling the goverment i hope he doesnt have a family that needed his income but its ok u still got your job right and u did have the pleasure of sticking it to him

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