Emma’s first day of pre-school

Well, the first day of pre-school is over for Emma.  She had a great time apparently.  She wasn’t upset when Yuki left her there and was very happy when Yuki went back to collect her.  There was nothing said by the teachers so that means there no problems.


When I got home and asked Emma how school was she said good.. haha but then again she says that about a lot of things so it’s hard to really tell what she means.

3 Responses to Emma’s first day of pre-school

  1. Avatar Nana Carol
    Nana Carol says:

    Way to go Emma!!

    Come on Rob!! We want pics!!!!

  2. Sorry, there were no pictures 🙂 Nothing to see really, she ran off to play with her friends.. She knew a few of the kids in the class and that was good enough for her. I guess she figured she was at the play group on a Friday morning or something like normal.

  3. Avatar Nana Shirley
    Nana Shirley says:

    Way to go Emma. But where are her first day pictures dad & mom?