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  • Finally in Scotland…

    Posted on by rob

    Well we are finally here in Scotland.. but not quite in Mull yet.  We departed Gav’s (M1BXF) house today about 1030 am.. a short stop at Huntingdon for some breakfast then it was anchors away and northward bound.  We had a very uneventful trip north.  Saw a couple of accidents on the way but nothing that effected us.

    We arrived in Helensburgh at Gav’s folks house for the night.. we arrived about 1915hrs.  All in all not a bad trek considering all the kit we had in the Jeep and on the trailer.  I’ll provide pics of that later and post a link as well.

    We had a great dinner “ruby murry” (Curry, it’s cockney rhyming slang haha) .. then a quick trip to the pub for a couple of drinks and finally back to the house.

    We’ll set out Saturday morning about 10am for Oban where we are booked for a 1400hrs sailing of the ferry to Mull.  I should be able to post to more later if we have Internet.. if we at least have telephone and I get SMS messages out to Twitter and you can follow our adventures on my twitter page .. http://twitter.com/m1xzg, or check out things out on the CAMB-HAMS page.

    Hope to get more post later on..

  • Isle of Mull, Scotland

    Some might have noticed a sub-page I started off my Ham Radio page.. there are a group of us going from Cambridge to the Isle of Mull on the West coast of Scotland at the end of April for week.  This is a DX-pedition to Mull to active some rare squares, WAB, IOTA and SOTA locations.  While we are away one of our guys will be staying behind with his expecting wife and will help co-ordinate things for us back home and update the CAMB-HAMs website.

    I won’t update the page I have on here with info about about the trip while we’re away, the best place will be the Camb-Hams Website