2016 in full swing already…

WOW, well 2016 is already starting to shape up as planned.  I’d said in a previous post that I wanted to do more outdoors things and more Bushcraft including courses. In December I’d booked a Primitive Technology – Flint Knapping (July 16, 2016) day course through Hands On Bushcraft. I’ve also now just booked to attend… Continue reading 2016 in full swing already…

New year, new changes.

Now before anyone thinks “Oh man, another one that’s making resolutions to do things they’ll never go through with”, let me say, I DO NOT make New Years resolutions.  Well, not since about 10-12 yrs ago when I made my last one which was to never make another one.  I’ve done very well so far… Continue reading New year, new changes.

Emma is officially a cub

Tonight Emma was finally made an official cub when she was invested and given her necker and group badges to get her started.  She was so happy to have it happen as well as its been a couple weeks late because the evenings were all running late.  When she swore her oath she was very… Continue reading Emma is officially a cub

Blogging via Evernote

This is just a test Evernote note that should generate a blog posting once I add certain tag to the note. This is large text This is medium text This should be small text This should be red This should be a photo below too. Tags: #Liveblog October 29, 2015 at 07:00PM