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  • Disable screen clear after less command

    Posted on by rob

    I’m posting this here mostly for myself (since I keep forgetting how to disable the screen clear after using “less”), but also in case others find the page.

    Add this to your /etc/bashrc  or ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile

    export LESS=X

    I’m copying this from THIS SITE.

  • Ubuntu network location detection

    Posted on by rob

    Ok, it’s not a full location detection as such.. I use my laptop (Ubuntu 9.04) both at home and work, as well as other places.  The problem that I had was related to how SAMBA was configured.  At home I have one workgroup name and at work I want the machine to appear in the company domain.  But also, while out and about in the big bad world I don’t want SAMBA on at all, no need to share anything with anyone.

    So, to over come this and correct it at boot time I’ve come up with the simple script below.  The only other thing you need to do is prepare a couple of smb.conf files to suit the locations you’ll be in.   I have 2 smb.conf files, one for HOME and one for WORK.   I run the script from /etc/rc.local so it runs when I should have networking fully up and running. 

    Here is the script:

    Pretty simple really.  Hope others will find it useful.