• Emma’s on the path to being a singer…

    Posted on by rob

    It seems that Emma likes to do a little singing. In the video you’ll see Emma singing to a song that she hears in Yuki’s car all the time, and it’s on Yuki’s mobile phone as well so gets to hear it from there too.

    Ok, so her words aren’t good but she does keep up pretty well with the song and knows when to come in and and stop too haha that’s better then some singers today 🙂

    Anyhow, here’s the video (wait for it to load…)

    Download Emma singing

    You can see her reaching for the phone from time to time .. she’s pushing buttons so the screen back light will come on again so she can watch the equalizer jumping around to the music. She also seems to have gotten a wedgie or something and is trying to get something out from under her butt.

  • Emma’s first day of pre-school

    Posted on by rob

    Well, the first day of pre-school is over for Emma.  She had a great time apparently.  She wasn’t upset when Yuki left her there and was very happy when Yuki went back to collect her.  There was nothing said by the teachers so that means there no problems.


    When I got home and asked Emma how school was she said good.. haha but then again she says that about a lot of things so it’s hard to really tell what she means.

  • Out with 2007…

    …. and in with 2008.

    What a year it’s been too, eh? The girls have grown loads this year, especially Lisa. The girls all went to China this year for just over 2 months.. they had a great time there. Lisa attended a pre-school much of the time while she was there so her Chinese really improved with that. Had to teach her a little English when she got back haha If anyone hadn’t noticed from the pictures of Yuki, she’s no longer wearing glasses! She had laser eye surgery while she was in China.

    After the girls got back we started doing some camping.. albeit only a couple of trips, the weather this past summer was dreadful. Way way too much rain. But they needed it here. There’s been water restrictions in place for years, I just can’t figure it out, England is an island, how can you run out of water 🙂 (yes I know all about it, don’t get all technical on me and try to explain it.. it’s a joke son, laugh!)

    There hasn’t been anything big for me this year really. I’ve just plugged along with life.. living and working and working and living. Wish I could do a lot more living and a lot less working haha but we haven’t won the lottery yet so .. it’s back to work on Jan 2nd for me.

    We would like to thank everyone that’s stopped by to read the blog in 2007 and hope you’ll come back around in the 2008. Now that the site will support comments with very little fear of those bastar.. er spammers it should help you to interact with us more, once again.

    Happy New Year!!

    Emma, Lisa, Yuki and Rob

  • Emma’s first time going to pre-school…

    Jan 2008 will see Emma going off to Ladybird Pre-school in Cottenham. We’ll start her off slow like we did with Lisa, she’ll go for just a couple of half days a week for the first term, then give her a couple more for the second term. This is what we did with Lisa and it seem to work quite well. The only thing I’m a little bit worried about is they will know they are in the same school and may want to play together. But I’m sure they’ll sort that out haha

    We’ll post more news about Emma’s progress in pre-school as time goes on…