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Raspberri Pi

RPI + RaspiCam = Time Lapse Photos

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While chatting with a friend today about my new Venus Flytrap plant they asked to see it catch a fly .. well that’s kind hard to capture as it’s a lot of chance (unless you shove a fly into one of the traps).  So I got to thinking, I can use my Raspberry Pi and the RaspiCam to take time lapse photos using raspistill then stitch them all together into a video.

Read on to find out how I made this happen …

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Where is my PI?

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raspberry-pi-580-75[1]Hashtag[1]Unless you use static IP’s or a DHCP reserved IP for your PI (or really, any Linux based computer) how do you know where it lives on your network?  This might not be an immediate issue for you on your home network, but what if you take your PI with you to another network for some reason?  It could also be used to simply let you know when a machine has been rebooted and is back on line..

Read on to find out how I fixed this problem…

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