Photography – part 3 (final)

This is the final part to this ‘series’.  The final day with Red Cloud Days Photography course was better then the first day.  We were taken out to Wollaton Hall & Deer Park. The weather had cleared up a little, stopped raining and was even a little warmer then it was on Saturday, much the… Continue reading Photography – part 3 (final)

Photography – part 2

Well, finished day 1 of the Red Cloud Days Photography course. So far I’m pretty impressed. Simon Bolton, the instructor is quite good, sometimes the material gets a bit dry, but what can you do, there are some technical aspects that need explaining.  Simon has done quite well at not going into techno overload whilst… Continue reading Photography – part 2

Photography … part 1

Last year just before Christmas I bought a new Nikon D5000 kit from ebay. Every time I’d bought a new camera over the last 5 or 6 years I’ve wanted to get a DSLR, but I never did solely because of the cost.  Well, I finally decided to pull the trigger and jump in.  The… Continue reading Photography … part 1

One month later…

Well, I’ve had my Android phone for just over 1 month now and I can only describe my feelings for the device as “growing stronger each day”.  Which, if you’d been reading my blog a year ago when I got my Nokia N97, is the complete opposite. The more I use the device, the more… Continue reading One month later…

My first Android phone

The day finally came this past week when I was finally released from Nokia based hell on Earth. On Tuesday September, 14th was the day of my release. I can only liken the feeling to the one a convict whose just served 40 years in a Turkish prison. Ok perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but… Continue reading My first Android phone