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Sending SMS from the command line

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Quite a few years ago I started using a VOIP provider called voipcheap.  Aside from the very cheap rates they have for calling (including FREE calls to number of countries), I’ve also found them to be very reliable. Another feature they have is the ability to send SMS’s either via their website or via a direct URL that you can hit with with a few bits of info in the URL and they’ll send out your SMS for you.

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New phones at home..

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I was getting tired of the noise and rubbish quality of the older BT DigitalClarity DECT phones we have been using at home for the last 3 years or so. They were good when we first bought them but quality of the calls has been going down hill.

Some may know (or may not) that I’ve been using VoIP since about Nov 2004. This started off just as a simple end user of some service, but, if you know me at all you’ll know this just isn’t good enough 🙂 I moved on to using Asterisk (an OpenSource PABX). This has lead to a lot of playing and even training to get my dCAP Certification from Digium, the folks that really maintain Asterisk.

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