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  • Where is my PI?

    Posted on by rob

    raspberry-pi-580-75[1]Hashtag[1]Unless you use static IP’s or a DHCP reserved IP for your PI (or really, any Linux based computer) how do you know where it lives on your network?  This might not be an immediate issue for you on your home network, but what if you take your PI with you to another network for some reason?  It could also be used to simply let you know when a machine has been rebooted and is back on line..

    Read on to find out how I fixed this problem…

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  • Sending SMS from the command line

    Posted on by rob

    Quite a few years ago I started using a VOIP provider called voipcheap.  Aside from the very cheap rates they have for calling (including FREE calls to number of countries), I’ve also found them to be very reliable. Another feature they have is the ability to send SMS’s either via their website or via a direct URL that you can hit with with a few bits of info in the URL and they’ll send out your SMS for you.

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  • One month later…

    Posted on by rob

    Well, I’ve had my Android phone for just over 1 month now and I can only describe my feelings for the device as “growing stronger each day”.  Which, if you’d been reading my blog a year ago when I got my Nokia N97, is the complete opposite.

    The more I use the device, the more I love it.  Sure there are dislikes I have for device…

    — its hard for me to get use to the on screen keyboard. I’ve always had physical keyboards so still find myself making loads od mistakes, but getting much better.

    — the battery life ia really bad, but then again this really is the power of your average netbook in your pocket. I’ve not actually run it with Wifi, Bluetooth and gas fully disabled for a day to see how it does.

    — the final dislike ia nothing to do with device or android but with Samsung and the appalling failure that is the Samsung Kies software, which is required for doing update to the phone firmware. Simply but it doesn’t work for most people, and my experience is no different.

    My likes about the device? I think its easier ro simply say… With only the above exceptions, all you can do is love this thing.  It fast, has an amazing screen, awesome graphics, great audio, a phenomenal selection of apps available and simply gets better every day.

    If you want to see what I run on my android then CLICK HERE to see.  The list is a live update of the apps I have installed.  If you have an Android and don’t use Appbrain and Fast Web Installer app then you are seriously missing out on what I consider one of the most powerful apps on the Android Platform!!!

    I’ve written this post 100% from the device this time using the WordPress app.  No apps were harmed in the production of this posting and I had some green text on my screen so it means its friendly on the environment as well.

  • Disable screen clear after less command

    Posted on by rob

    I’m posting this here mostly for myself (since I keep forgetting how to disable the screen clear after using “less”), but also in case others find the page.

    Add this to your /etc/bashrc  or ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile

    export LESS=X

    I’m copying this from THIS SITE.