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First drone flight … (see description) 4K Video

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Ok, first let me say this video is a bit poo and this is why. My brand new DJI Phantom 3 Pro (P3P) arrived today *YAY* but it’s pissing rain outside *BOO*. So, after having played about with it on the kitchen table, getting it configured and calibrated I packed it up. Once the kids went to bed, well I just couldn’t sit and look at the box with my sad sad face anymore. It had to come out and fly.

Not a great idea to fly these things in the house so much bad stuff can happen LOL especially for a 100% newbie like myself. I’ve had a total of about 4 mins drone flying time while out last week with Sandy at a local park. So, it was a huge risk flying it in the house. However, the P3P is equipped with VPS (Vision Positioning System) for flying it either with GPS disabled or in areas where GPS isn’t possible, like indoors.

Anyhow, watch these first couple of test flights, they aren’t much because there isn’t much space and I was just trying to get a feel for it. Both videos were shot in 4K so watch it in 4K if you can. The main footage was from my Note 4 while the drone was the 4K camera built onto the P3P.

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