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Black and White Film Processing

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This film shows me developing several rolls of Ilford HP5+ 35mm Black and White film. A friend requested a sort of how-to on how I process B&W film, well, here it is.

The entire processing time once you start with the chemicals is about 25 mins, plus loading the exposed film into the developing reels and into the development tank, for me it’s about another 10 mins all in I suppose. I’ve sped up much of the video in sections where it’s just me agitating the tank during the various stages of development. The entire video is just under 30 mins, so I hope you’ll watch it and enjoy it.

I look forward to suggestions and comments on this, if you develop film now, how is your process different?

Items used in this video:

Ilford Ilfotec DD-X – (Mixed 1 part DD-X / 4 parts water)
Ilford Ilfostop – (Mixed 1 part ilfostop / 19 parts water)
Ilford Rapid Fixer – (Mixed 1 part fixer / 4 parts water)

Kidz Labs Pin Hole Camera –

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