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Shooting the Stars …

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A couple weeks ago there was a competition announced by The Grafton Shopping Centre looking for photographers to submit their contact info along with 2 sample photos they’ve shot, from those entrants they would select 6 that would go through and be asked to shoot the fashion shows that will take place during the Love Cambridge Fashion and Beauty weekend that runs March 30 – April 1.

I’ve just received an email to confirm that I’m one of the six who have been selected to come and shoot over the weekend.  One of those six will then have one photo selected that will be printed in Style Magazine and receive a £50 gift voucher as well.

The two photos I submitted with my entry were:

Lisa and Emma on a bench in Milton park last October

Lisa in the studio.

I’m very pleased to have been selected and will really enjoy shooting the shows.  As my friends will know, and if you read my blog you’ll know, I’m trying to find my new “thing” and photography is something I’ve been getting very passionate about over the last couple of years.  This is the year I want to do really kick it off and make something bigger happen.  I’m still working out what it is I really want to shoot, but I’m finding myself really leaning towards people, I’ve always liked to shoot people but it’s always been from a more detached way.  I want to be more interactive with the subjects now.

Watch this space … photos from the weekend will be posted early next week I expect.


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