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Happy Birthday Emma (early)

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I say early because her birthday isn’t really until Nov 13th.  However, we had the party a week early as we’d planned to do something next weekend.  Anyhow we held the party at Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn in Fulbourn.  Emma invited 10 of her friends plus our 2 kids made 12, however one of them was unable to join us.   See all the photos, CLICK HERE.


This is the cake and some snacks provided by Cheeky Monkeys Play Barn, and Emma blowing out the candles.


Here’s Emma opening her gifts from everyone that came to the party.  Lisa is “helping” her.


We got the sense that everyone really had a good time at the party.

Thanks to everyone that came to the party and Emma says thanks very much for all the wonderful gifts!