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Happy 8th Birthday Lisa

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This week was Lisa’s 8th birthday.   We only had a small party at home and gift opening since she wanted a birthday sleep over party.

On Friday we had 5 of her friends from school over for the a sleep over.  The party started with a trip to Pizza Hut in Cambridge for dinner.  The girls all picked whatever they liked off the kids menu.  Some had pizza and some had pasta. 


Check out the BIRTHDAY SONG VIDEO here

After making a huge mess at the restaurant (glad it wasn’t my house haha) we brought out the cake for her.  She picked the cake herself, Moshi Monsters.


After dinner, it was back to our house to open the gifts and some movies, snacks and play before “bed time” … that last bit was a lot harder then I’d expected haha. The girls were running and jumping around until nearly 1am before they finally tired themselves out.  This wasn’t for the lack of trying on my part to get them to sleep.  I must have been in and out the room two dozen times before they finally packed it in haha


In the morning they were up by around 7am and it was my turn to to feed them.  I made sausages and buttermilk pancakes (with real buttermilk too Smile ).  They loved them.


There are the left over pancakes .. some got eaten at lunch and some where frozen for another day.


The girls all had fun (so I’ve been told), and Lisa really enjoyed herself and loved having her friends over.  All photos can be seen by CLICKING HERE

As much fun as it was, it won’t be happening again anytime soon Smile  There would be other sleep overs but only 1 child at a time haha

Anyhow, Happy Birthday to Lisa!!  Next up, Emma’s party on the 6th of November… more on that later.