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Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog with anything remotely interesting.  I can’t say this will posting will change that, but who knows haha

On September 1st we took the kids to LEGOLAND Windsor for the day.  There was 5 of us, the kids, Yuki’s Father and Yuki and I.  The trip was a complete surprise to the kids.  They only realized where we were going when we pulled into the park.  That made the last 2 miles of driving a bit of a loud nightmare haha so glad we didn’t tell them before hand. 


The kids aren’t looking so happy here because we took this as we were leaving and not going in haha

This is a list of the rides we went on during the day, including links to the LEGOLAND site and who went on them)

You can see all the photos by clicking here.  Most have descriptions on them.

The park was quite good, quite well laid out I suppose.  We went around the park backwards (if you go by the attraction numbers on the map).  I suppose to some degree this worked well for us.  There is hardly a flat area in the park, so those that tire quickly or just struggle with constant hills, then this isn’t really the place for you. We were all pretty knackered.  We arrived at the park just after 930am and got inside just after 10am.  We finally left the park around 730pm.  It was long day and late night, the kids slept pretty much all the way home Smile


The kids really liked the Atlantis Submarine Voyage.  They got to see loads of sharks and manta rays swimming around the “sub”, plus all the other usual sorts of fish you’d expect to see in an exhibit like this.


But, without a doubt the one ride they both looked forward to was the Driving School.  This is a kids only ride, no adults allowed.  The kids sit and watch a video that explains how to drive a car and the rules of the road including road signs.  After that there is a small oral test before they’re let loose on the cars.




The girls with their LEGOLAND Drivers Licenses.  Emma isn’t mad, she was trying to be funny haha don’t think it worked so good shhh don’t tell her Smile

Well that’s about it.. I could more but it’s late, I’m tired and don’t wanna bore folks more then necessary Open-mouthed smileCheck out the rest of the pics.