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Long time no post…

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It has been quite some time since I have posted a blog entry. There has been no real reason for the absence except I have done nothing noteworthy or gone anywhere. 

Work has been stupid busy the last couple months and I suppose that has caused the lack of time to do anything.

We did have our friend come from the US and stayed with ua while her daughter interviewed at Oxford University. It was great to see them again, its been a few years since they left the UK.

Life is back to normal boring status really. Kids are winding down for the Christmas break at the end of this week and I will be finished work on the 23rd returning on the 4th of Jan in the new year.  Looking forward to the first xmas off in many years. Given I’m the only IT guy I doubt the quiet will last over xmas.

Oh well I will have a blog posting at Christmas, with pics of the day.

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