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Quick update from South Africa

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Yes, I’m still here and still alive 🙂 The week has gone very well with the work related stuff, but there’s still work to be done this coming week (and maybe more depending on quickly things can be organized). It seems that SA isn’t a stranger to slow services like other countries.

The weather this past week has been brutal here with highs not much higher then 14C in the day time and loads of rain. I’ve been told this is not normal weather for this time of the year, especially since this is the summer time down here.

This weekends plans were a bit scuppered due to the weather but what can you do. I just hope we have better weather this coming week. I’d hate to think I brought shorts and didn’t have a chance to wear them, save for the first day I arrived.

I’ll try to get some pics and post them later, unfortunately the broadband speeds down here are less then desirable so uploading photos would be very tedious and time consuming.

I’ll post more later when I have something more interesting.