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Camping Trip – Day 1

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Camping Trip – Day 1

We started out a weeks camping by leaving the house about noon on Sunday.
The drive to the camp site, Brickyard Farm Camp site (Banham, Norfolk,
NR16 2HQ), was only about an hour or so from home. Even at the reduced
speed we had to travel at because of towing the trailer. After a stop at
Sainsbury in Thetford for a few last minute supplies and lunch as well, we
arrived at the camp site at about 1400hrs, plenty of daylight left so we
could take our time getting everything set up.

Lisa and Emma immediately found the horses in the fields to go and see
plus a swing set to play on as well. I was a bit worried for a while,
there were no other kids around. Then, a family came trooping back into
camp. They’d been out to the Banham Zoo. It’s about 1/2 mile down the
road. Anyhow, Lisa and Emma quickly became acquainted with Hanna, 7yrs
old. They spent the next 3 or so hours playing all sorts of games and
running around the farm.

The camp site itself is a small family run business. It’s run the brother
of our neighbour, very nice folks. They popped around to check on us and
see how we were settling in. Quite layed back, they haven’t asked for
money as yet. The site is, as I mentioned, small. Only about 6 or so
pitches, most with electric. We didn’t bother with that, I’d brought the
120amp battery with us. More then enough power for the week to run a
laptop if needed and charge the phones. I brought a 12v florescent lamp as
well but likely won’t need it.

The kids are knackered. They’ve had a busy afternoon that’s for sure.
Tomorrow we’ll be walking to the zoo and checking out the animals and
whatever else they have there.

Well that’s about it from here tonight I think. the big people are
knackered too and ready for bed now as well.

Watch this space for the day 2 report. I won’t be posting pics on the blog,
but check on facebook, flickr and mobypictures and of course for updates.

Btw, this is all from my phone, there are likely spelling errors, I will
fix them later. Don’t think I have a spell check on here.