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Garden Make Over….

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It all started a few months ago when someone at my work ( was approached by a gentleman from WellChild, a charity that helps sick kids.  The project was to rebuild/make over the sick kids playground/garden just off Ward D2 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.  Check out the link for Ward D2 to find out more info about the unit and what they do.

Anyhow, the existing garden, while functional, was in need a good cleaning and tidying up of the plants and repainting and what not.  Here are a couple of the before pics (The rest of the before pics can be seen by CLICKING HERE)

garden 053garden 055garden 057

garden 058garden 059garden 063

garden 065garden 066garden 068

After the 2 days we turned it into this (the rest of the after pics can be seen by CLICKING HERE)




garden 177garden 182garden 199

garden 201

This was, to say the least, a very rewarding 2 days of very hard work.  Please be sure to check out the rest of the pics in the gallery.   I would also like to invite folks to consider helping out WellChild either with donations to their cause or by offering your company’s help in some of their projects to help sick kids around the UK.  While my exposure to WellChild has only been a couple of days, it’s clear that these folks are dedicated to helping the children.  Charities like this are often forgotten or perhaps not given the thanks they deserve for the hard work and research they carry out.   I’d personally like to say thanks to them for the opportunity to help with this project and I hope I can help again in the future!

Of course, this project wouldn’t been possible either if not for the generosity of Cambridge Broadband Networks and it’s donation of time, money, people and supplies for the project.  There were a large number of other donations provided by local businesses, and I will update this article with those details shortly.