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Microsoft Exchange 2007…

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What a pig hahah no really. I started a 7 day accelerated MS Exchange 2007 course on Monday morning of this week. Well, it actually started Sunday night with a 2 hour intro and welcome briefing. The course so far has been going pretty well, but it’s been a lot of work. The course has been running from 0900hrs until we break for dinner at 1930hrs. Then after dinner it’s either back to the lab or back to the rooms to do self study and work on the lab machines via

Today, at 1700hrs, is our first exam. It’s the 70-237 exam (

We will have the second exam 70-238 ( on either Friday night if we can manage or more likely on Saturday morning some time.

The course is scheduled to finish around noon on Sunday after the final exam, the 70-236 ( sometime Saturday evening.

More on the results of this as they come out.


Well, the first exam ended in tears … needed 700 to pass only got 583.  I can resit the exam again between now and the end of June for free.  Depending on how the final exams go I may resit this weekend but we’ll see.

— UPDATE – 8/May/2009 —

The plan now is that Saturday I’ll do the 70-236 exam in the evening at 1700hrs, and if I can get enough time to study more for the one I failed, the 70-237, I’ll re-sit that exam Sunday morning then come home.  I’ve decided that due to the level of knowledge required for the 70-238 exam coupled with the fact that only 3 of the 9 people that wrote the exam today actually passed, sod that.  I’m not even going to waste a free shot at doing that one.  I’ll plan to come back in a month or so to sit the 70-238 exam.